Month: December 2011

Links December 2011

Barry Ritholtz wrote an insightful post quoting Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City President Thomas Hoenig, who warns that the nation’s biggest banks are putting the U.S. capitalist society at risk [1]. Big banks oppose capitalism. Glenn Greenwald has written an insightful article for Salon about the modern definition of American excellence being the killing […]


Sociological Images

I’ve recently been reading the Sociological Images blog [1]. That site has lots of pictures and videos that are relevant to the study of Sociology (most of which have a major WTF factor) and it’s run by people who have Ph.Ds in Sociology so the commentary is insightful. Since reading that I’ve started photographing relevant […]


My Blog Server was Cracked

On the 1st of August I noticed that the server which runs my blog among other things was having an occasional SEGV from a sshd process. Unfortunately I was busy and didn’t pay much attention to this, which turned out to be a big mistake. On the 12th of September I started investigating this properly […]


Secure Boot and Protecting Against Root

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the recent Microsoft ideas regarding secure boot, in case you have missed it Michael Casadevall has written a good summary of the issue [1]. Recently I’ve seen a couple of people advocate the concept of secure boot with the stated idea that “root” should be unable […]


Some Notes on DRBD

DRBD is a system for replicating a block device across multiple systems. It’s most commonly used for having one system write to the DRBD block device such that all writes are written to a local disk and a remote disk. In the default configuration a write is not complete until it’s committed to disk locally […]


Hetzner Failover Konfiguration

The Wiki documenting how to configure IP failover for Hetzner servers [1] is closely tied to the Linux HA project [2]. This is OK if you want a Heartbeat cluster, but if you want manual failover or an automatic failover from some other form of script then it’s not useful. So I’ll provide the simplest […]


Cocolo Chocolate

Cocolo Overview I recently wrote about buying a fridge for storing chocolate [1]. Jason Lewis (the co-founder of Organic Trader [2]) read that post and sent me some free samples of Cocolo chocolate [3] (Cocolo is an Organic Trader product that is made in Switzerland). It’s interesting to note that Cocolo seem very focussed on […]


Some OWS Stuff

There is an interesting interview with Richard Wilkinson on about the damage to society that is caused by excessive inequality [1]. The conclusion is interesting, it seems that one part of the solution is to send the message that excessive greed is anti-social. The demonstrations against the greedy 1% seem likely to do some […]


CyanogenMod and the Galaxy S

Thanks to some advice from Philipp Kern I have now got my Galaxy S running CyanogenMod 7.1.0 which is based on Android 2.3.7 [1]. CyanogenMod has lots of configuration options that seem to be lacking in the stock releases and also supports some advanced features such as OpenVPN and a command-line. I can’t properly compare […]