Month: July 2007

Praising Children vs Praising Programmers

In a comment on my blog post titled Childhood, Don Marti refers to an earlier blog post he wrote which refers to a New York Magazine article about the effects of praising children. The article does in some depth to describe scientific research into the issue of praising children for being “smart” vs praising them […]

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Hot Water

A response to a post I wrote about things to do for the environment suggested that there would be a health risk to lowering the temperature of a home hot-water system to save power. I have just been reading about so-called tankless hot-water systems. The concept is that instead of keeping a tank of water […]


Porn vs Rape

Chris Samuel blogs about a plan to censor porn from the Internet in Australia. According to the ZDNet article the Fundamentalist Christian party Family First wants a national porn filter to protect children. However there is strong evidence to suggest that the incidence of rape decreases as the availability of pornography increases. Access to porn […]


Blogs and Conversation (or Lack Therof)

I recently received an email from RSA inviting me to read their blog (after having requested an evaluation copy of one of their products). They invited me to “join the conversation“. Often blogs are described as a “conversation” and I’ve been considering whether that analogy is appropriate. The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 has […]


A Worse Visual Migraine

Last night I had a Visual Migraine that was significantly worse than the previous ones. It started in the usual manner (flickering lights in my central vision and an inability to read text on a computer screen in a font that is normally quite readable) but then developed a new feature. Grey clouds appeared in […]


Bonnie++ and Postal shirts

Dear lazyweb, I want to design T-Shirts for my Bonnie++ and Postal projects. But representing those projects in a picture seems more difficult than SE Linux (see one of my SE Linux T-Shirt designs below). If you have any conceptual design ideas then please let me know. Here are my current designs for SE Linux […]

Benchmark Postal


It’s interesting to see an eWeek article about outsourcing to Canada, apparently the US immigration laws are restrictive enough that US companies (such as Microsoft) are establishing offices there. It really makes sense, Canada seems like a much nicer place to live. It’s also interesting to see an eWeek blog post about reductions in outsourcing […]


Red Hat virt-install and Partitions

I have recently been using virt-install on CentOS 5 to install some virtual machines (I previously posted a summary of the experience). One problem I had is the inability to do an install of Fedora to /dev/hda – it insisted on partitioning the disk and installing it on a partition. I have filed Red Hat […]



Recently there has been some discussion and controversy about a 15yo boy being allowed to perform a Caesarian operation on a woman (without her consent). Don Marti seems to think it’s OK and gives some examples of what 15 year old people used to do in past times. However he misses a couple of significant […]


A Support Guide for Xen

Here’s a guide to supporting Xen servers for people who are not Linux experts. If your job means that you have root access to a Xen server that someone else installed for the purpose of fixing problems when they are not available then this will help you solve some common problems. Xen is a virtualization […]