Month: September 2007

Blogging and Documents

It seems that the majority of blog traffic (at least in blogs I read) is time-based. It is personal-diary entry posts, references to current events, predictions about future events, bug reports, and other things that either become obsolete or for which it’s important to know the date. For such posts it makes sense to have […]


Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.3. When using Konqueror (my favourite browser) the comment approval is slightly broken (when I tag a comment as spam it usually just turns red and doesn’t disappear from the main Comments tab) and I have to refresh that window more often than usual to make sure I got the […]


Swap Space

There is a wide-spread myth that swap space should be twice the size of RAM. This might have provided some benefit when 16M of RAM was a lot and disks had average access times of 20ms. Now disks can have average access times less than 10ms but RAM has increased to 1G for small machines […]


Eating Corpses

Davyd Madeley writes about vegetarianism for the environment [1] which is listed in Wikipedia as Environmental Vegetarianism [2]. He links to an article on the Huffington Post [3]. The Huffington Post article in turn links to an article on about global warming [4]. Mass-produced meat is not only bad for the environment but there […]


Is the Server Dead?

I often get reports such as “the server was dead so I rebooted it“. This really doesn’t help me fix the problem, so if the person who uses the server wants reliability (and doesn’t want to be rebooting it and losing data all the time) then more information needs to be provided. Here is a […]



I’m just completing Jeff and Pia Waugh’s Australian Open Source Industry & Community Census [1]. There are some things that can be improved with that survey in particular and surveys in general. It seems to be assumed that everyone is trying to work full-time. I admit that there are probably few people who have decided […]


Blogger is Not for Serious Blogging

When I started blogging I used Blogger [1]. After some time I decided that it did not offer me the freedom I desired. I could not easily make changes (I could have created new themes, but it would have taken an unreasonable amount of work). I currently use WordPress, it’s still a lot of work […]


DMCA and Sci-Fi

My previous post about the SFWA falsely issuing DMCA take-down notices [1] has got some reactions, many of which indicate a lack of clear reading of my post. I am not advocating boycotting sci-fi. I am merely changing the priorities for my reading list. There must be at least 10 sci-fi books on my shelf […]


Context of /dev/xvc0

I have just converted a Fedora Core 5 server to a CentOS 5 Xen Dom0 with Fedora Core 5 as a DomU. The process took a little longer than expected because I didn’t have console or network access to the DomU initially. It turned out that /etc/modprobe.conf was configured to have the tg3 device for […]

Security Virtualisation

Multiple DNS Names

There are many situations where multiple DNS names for a single IP address that runs a single service are useful. One common example is with business web servers that have both and being active, so whichever a customer hits they will get the right content (the last thing you want is for a […]