Month: November 2008

Physical vs Virtual Servers

In a comment on my post about Slicehost, Linode, and scaling up servers [1] it was suggested that there is no real difference between a physical server and a set of slices of a virtual server that takes up all the resources of the machine. The commentator notes that it’s easier to manage a virtual […]


Leaving Optus

Today I phoned Optus to disconnect my Internet service. Some time ago I got an Internode [1] SOHO connection. This gave me a much faster upload speed (typically 100KB/s) compared with Optus having a maximum of 25KB/s. Also Internode has better value for large data transfer (where “large” in Australia means 25GB per month) and […]


Links November 2008

Netatia has an interesting series of articles about running a computer for two people [1]. It is a bit of a kludge, they have a single X server that covers both displays and then use Xephyr to divide it into two virtual screens. The positive aspecct of this is that it shuld allow a single […]


Slicehost vs Linode

Six months ago I investigated the options for Xen virtual servers [1]. I ended up receiving an offer of free hosting and not needing that, but the research was useful. There is a good range of options for Xen servers with different amounts of CPU power, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space. There are a couple […]

Misc Computer

Bill Joy

Some time ago Bill Joy (who is famous among other things for being a co-founder of Sun) [1] wrote an article for Wired magazine titled “Why the future doesn’t need us” [2]. He wrote many sensible things but unfortunately focussed on the negative issues and didn’t receive a good response. On reading it today I […]


Flash Storage and Servers

In the comments on my post about the Dell PowerEdge T105 server [1] there is some discussion of the internal USB port (which allows the use of a USB flash device for booting which is connected inside the case). This is a really nice feature of the Dell server and something that would be useful […]

Misc Computer

SE Linux and Decrypted Data

There is currently a discussion on the Debian-security mailing list about how to protect data which came from an encrypted file. I was going to skip that one until someone summoned me by mentioning SE Linux. The issue which was raised is that data from an encrypted file can be read from /dev/mem (for all […]


Keating College

Some time ago I spoke to Craig Keating about his plans for a new secondary school in the center of Melbourne. His plan was to focus on the core academic areas and cater to academically gifted students. He had some interesting ideas for his business, one of which was to pay teachers rates that are […]


Other Reasons for not Censoring the Net

Currently there is a debate about censoring the Internet in Australia. Although debate might not be the correct word for a dispute where one party provides no facts and refuses to talk to any experts (Senator Conroy persistently refuses all requests to talk to anyone who knows anything about the technology or to have his […]

Liberty Politics

The National Cost of Slow Internet Access

Australia has slow Internet access when compared to other first-world countries. The costs of hosting servers are larger and the cost of residential access is greater with smaller limits. I read news reports with people in other countries complaining about having their home net connection restricted after they transfer 300G in one month, I have […]