Month: August 2006

first significant project goes live

One advantage of not being a permanent employee is that I am free to do paid work for other people. This not only gives a greater income but also a wider scope of work. I’ve just completed my first significant project since leaving Red Hat. The Inumbers project provides an email address for every mobile […]


SRS development

I’ve been working on a mail forwarding system which required me to implement SRS to allow people who use SPF to be customers of the service (as I use SPF on my domain it’s fairly important to me). Reading the web pages before actually trying to implement it things seemed quite easy. All over the […]


which blog and syndication server to use?

I’m currently working for a company that in the past has not embraced new technology. One of my colleagues recently installed a wiki which did a lot of good in terms of organizing the internal documentation. The next step is to install some blogging software. What I want is to have every sys-admin run a […]


combining two domains in SE Linux

To get the maximum value out of my writing when I am asked a question that is of general interest in private mail I will (without in any way identifying the person or giving any specifics of their work) blog my reply. I hope that not only will this benefit the general readers, but also […]


Linux on the Desktop

I started using Linux in 1993. I initially used it only in text-mode as I didn’t have enough RAM to run XFree86 on my Linux machine. I ran text-mode Linux server machines from 1993 to 1998. In 1998 I purchased my first laptop and installed Linux with KDE on it. I chose KDE because it […]


common mistakes in presentations

I attend many presentations and have seen many that had a lower quality than they should have. Some things are difficult to change (for example I have difficulty speaking slowly). But there are some things that are easy to change that many people seem to get wrong and I will list some that stand out […]


more security foolishness

Dutch police arrested 12 people for acting suspiciously on a flight to India. A passenger said “They were not paying attention to what the flight attendents were saying”, I don’t pay attention to the flight attendents either. When you fly more than 10 times a year you learn how to do up your seat-belt and […]


2006 Open Source Symposium

Today (well yesterday as of 30 minutes ago) I spoke at the Open Source Symposium in Melbourne. This is an event sponsored by Red Hat. The first day was the business day and the second day was the Red Hat developers day. I attended both days and spoke on the second day (today). My talk […]


fair trade is the Linux way

I have recently purchased a large quantity of fair trade chocolate. Fair trade means that the people who produce the products will be paid a fair price for their products which will enable them to send their children to school, pay for adequate health-care, etc. Paying a small price premium on products such as coffee […]


Outsourcing – Bad for Corporations but Good for the World

There is ongoing discussion about whether outsourcing is good or bad. The general assumptions seem to be that it is bad for people who work in the computer industry (more competition for jobs and thus lower pay) and good for employers (more work done for less money). I am not convinced that employers can get […]