Month: March 2007

mac vs PC vs Linux

Apple has a series of funny commercials comparing the Macintosh with a PC running Windows. They are very well written and presented. I recommend viewing them for the amusement value (view them here – but you need Quicktime). Novell has produced a few short parodies of those adverts, they don’t have the same production quality […]


hybrid Porsche

The April 2007 issue of the RACV magazine announces that Porsche is working on a hybrid vehicle. It seems that the award-winning Lexus hybrid vehicle has demonstrated the value of hybrid petrol-electric technology for performance vehicles and that Porsche want to catch up. The trend seems to be towards all vehicles that are desirable being […]


Trusted Solaris vs SE Linux

Karl MacMillan writes an interesting review of a Sun article about SE Linux. Not only does he correct errors in the Sun article but he also summarises some of the features of SE Linux design and terminology that we use. If you are interested in computer security and want to learn some of the basic […]


questions regarding SE Linux

I just received a question about SE Linux via email. As I don’t want to post private messages containing material that’s globally useful I’ll answer through my blog: > other than strict and targeted policies……other policies like > RBAC, MCS, Type Enforcement are also there….how are these policies > implemented The two main policies are […]


death threats against Kathy Sierra

The prominent blogger and author Kathy Sierra has recently cancelled a tutorial at a conference after receiving death threats. Obviously this is a matter for the police to investigate – and the matter has been reported to them. It’s also an issue that is causing a lot of discussion on the net. The strange thing […]


Xen and eth device renaming

Recently I rebooted one of my Debian Xen servers and suddenly all the Ethernet devices which used to be eth0 in the domU’s became eth1. vif = [ ”, ‘bridge=xenbr1’ ] I used to have the above as the interface definition and for domU’s that had only a single interface that worked well (if there […]


Save Babe

There’s an advertising campaign at the moment opposing cruel treatment of pigs, the web site is at . They have rented advertising space at train stations to publish the URL. One thing that they don’t mention is the health issues related to factory farming. It makes sense to concentrate on one message at a […]



Currently many people have Google advertising on their web sites, it may even be that a majority of the serious Internet users host Google advertising. Given that Google is already writing a cheque every month to many people, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to change the amount in response to a funds transfer request. […]

images for a web site

When I first started putting pictures on my web site I used to delete the originals (at the time I only had a 3.2G hard drive in my main machine and used CDs for backup so I didn’t feel inclined to waste too much space). The problem is that I optimised the images for viewing […]

power saving

Adrian von Bidder made an interesting post in response to my post about Spanish wind power. He correctly points out that power sources that have seasonal variations and which may vary during the course of a day can not be used as the sole power source. The ideal design would be to have wind power […]