Month: January 2011

P2P Car Sharing Etc

Rachel Botsman gave an interesting TED talk about Collaborative Consumption, various ways of sharing and redistributing objects to save money and reduce their environmental impact [1]. It’s a pity that there isn’t something like in Australia. P2P Car Rental Among other things she mentioned P2P car rentals. The first company she listed is Drive […]



Gunnar Wolf has written an interesting post about the current situation in Egypt, which includes references to Israel (where he lived for a few years) and Mexico (where he has spent most of his life) [1]. Gunnar included a copy of Mohammed Sameer’s blog post on the topic [2], which is a good idea as […]


Autism, Food, etc

James Purser wrote “Stop Using Autism to Push Your Own Brand of Lunacy” about the organisations that use Autism for their own political agenda [1]. He references the ongoing vaccine issue (which didn’t even stop when Andrew Wakefield was proven to have engaged in fraudulent research) and a campaign of PETA. PETA’s Claims PETA claims […]


Continuously Usable Testing of SE Linux

Joey has proposed a new concept of “Continuously Usable Testing” for Debian [1], basically testing should be usable at all times and packages that aren’t usable should be dropped. But to properly achieve this goal we need continual testing of usability. The Plan For SE Linux To do this for SE Linux I’m setting up […]


Free Amazon EC2 Servers

Amazon is providing free EC2 access for new customers (who have never been customers before) for one year [1]. It is 750 hours per month (enough to run non-stop for an entire month) of access to a Linux micro instance which has 613M of RAM and the ability to burst to two ECUs of compute […]


Conferences and People on the Autism Spectrum

There have been some recent discussions about issues related to the treatment of women at Free Software conferences, I’ve written posts about Aspie Social Skills and Free Software [1] and Empathy, Autism, and Geeks [2] about this. But of course discussion continued on how Aspies supposedly cause problems that no-one seems to be noticing. Lisa […]


Links January 2011

Halla Tomasdottir gave an interesting TED talk about her financial services company which uses “feminine values” and thus survived the Icelandic financial crash [1]. She also has a lot of other interesting ideas about how to run a corporation or a country. Hillary Clinton gave an interesting TED talk about national security and women’s rights […]


icmptx – Tunneling IP over ICMP Echo

I’ve just been playing with icmptx, a system for tunneling IP over ICMP Echo which could be handy if I ever find myself blocked by firewalls. Unfortunately the documentation is lacking. Below is a sample configuration that works for me, all you have to do is to put the correct IP address in for SERVERIP […]