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Mplayer, Squeeze, and SE Linux on i386

I’ve just updated my SE Linux repository for Squeeze to better support running mplayer on the i386 architecture, below is the APT sources.list line:

deb squeeze selinux

The first issue is a bug in the compilation of the SDL libraries which makes them request an executable stack (bug #613535). Recompiling the libraries on my […]

Comment Policy

I’ve been thinking about the comment policy for my blogs. I have started deleting comments when people subscribe to comments and use fake email addresses (I get the bounces and it’s annoying).

Also I am deleting comments that don’t make much sense or which don’t address the topic of a post. Some people seem to […]

BoingBoing and Licenses

Today I was thrilled to see that Cory Doctorow (who among other things wrote one of my favourite Sci-fi novels [1]) copied one of my blog posts on to [2].

Then I reviewed the licence conditions (which had previously been contained in the About Page and is now a post on my documents blog […]

My SE Linux Etch Repository

deb etch selinux

The above sources.list line has all the i386 packages needed for running SE Linux with strict policy on Etch as well as a couple of packages that are not strictly needed but which are really convenient (to solve the executable stack issue).

gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-key F5C75256 gpg -a --export F5C75256 […]

Lazyweb Posts

A common practice in the blog space is to write posts that ask a question in the hope that someone else will answer it via a comment or a post. This is known as a “Lazyweb Post”.

It seems to me that the way of managing such posts could be improved with a little informal […]