Autism, Food, etc

James Purser wrote “Stop Using Autism to Push Your Own Brand of Lunacy” about the organisations that use Autism for their own political agenda [1]. He references the ongoing vaccine issue (which didn’t even stop when Andrew Wakefield was proven to have engaged in fraudulent research) and a campaign of PETA.

PETA’s Claims

PETA claims […]

Free Amazon EC2 Servers

Amazon is providing free EC2 access for new customers (who have never been customers before) for one year [1]. It is 750 hours per month (enough to run non-stop for an entire month) of access to a Linux micro instance which has 613M of RAM and the ability to burst to two ECUs of compute […]

Conferences and People on the Autism Spectrum

There have been some recent discussions about issues related to the treatment of women at Free Software conferences, I’ve written posts about Aspie Social Skills and Free Software [1] and Empathy, Autism, and Geeks [2] about this. But of course discussion continued on how Aspies supposedly cause problems that no-one seems to be noticing.

Lisa […]

icmptx – Tunneling IP over ICMP Echo

I’ve just been playing with icmptx, a system for tunneling IP over ICMP Echo which could be handy if I ever find myself blocked by firewalls. Unfortunately the documentation is lacking. Below is a sample configuration that works for me, all you have to do is to put the correct IP address in for SERVERIP […]

Locked Down Phones and Horrible Telcos

Choosing a Phone

I was considering renewing my Three contract and getting a HTC Desire HD [1]. What I need is a phone that is good for being a ssh client on 3G networks, has a good camera, and has all the fancy Google Apps.

In the comments Lon recommended a Norwegian review of phone […]

Dynamic DNS

The Problem

My SE Linux Play Machine has been down for a couple of weeks. I’ve changed to a cheaper Internet access plan which also allows me to download a lot more data, but I don’t have a static IP address any more – and my ISP seems to change the IP a lot more […]

Empathy, Autism, and Geeks

LWN has a recent article titled “The dark side of open source conferences” which concerns sexual assault at conferences [1].

There are a significant number of comments with attempts to derail the discussion in ways that can really only be interpreted as attacks on Autistic people. The claims seem to be that the problem is […]

Aspie Social Skills and the Free Software Community

LWN has an article by Valerie Aurora titled “The dark side of open source conferences” [1] which is about sexual harassment and sexual assault at Free Software conferences. Apparently some conferences create such a bad environment that some people won’t attend, it’s a well researched article that everyone in the community should read.

The Autism […]

A First Digital Camera

I’ve just been asked for advice on buying a digital camera. I’m not an expert on cameras but I have a good general knowledge of technology – and I’m sure that the readers of my blog will correct me rapidly if I make any serious mistakes. ;)

Types of Camera

The Wikipedia Page about Digital […]

A Mobile Phone for Sysadmin Use

My telco Three have just offered me a deal on getting a new phone a couple of months earlier than my contract was supposed to expire, presumably they have some competition and want to get me locked into another 2 year contract a couple of months before anyone else has the chance.

My current phone […]