Month: January 2013

SE Linux Things To Do

At the end of my talk on Monday about the status of SE Linux [1] I described some of the things that I want to do with SE Linux in Debian (and general SE Linux stuff). Here is a brief summary of some of them: One thing I’ve wanted to do for years is to […]


My SE Linux Status Report – LCA 2013

This morning I gave a status report on SE Linux. The talk initially didn’t go too well, I wasn’t in the right mental state for it and I moved through the material too fast. Fortunately Casey Schaufler asked some really good questions which helped me to get back on track. The end result seemed reasonably […]


LCA 2012

LCA 2013 [1] is starting so it seems like time to finish my write-up of LCA 2012. As usual it was a great conference, although I got sick immediately after getting there which reduced my ability to attend. Android A major unofficial theme of the conference was Android. Most delegates seemed to have Android phones, […]


Power Supplies and Wires

For some time I’ve been wondering how the wire size for power supplies limits the power. So I’ve done some quick calculations to determine if it’s a problem. The first type that is of interest are the “Inverters” that are used to convert 12VDC to 240VAC (mains power) to allow electric devices to be operated […]


Phone Calls and Other Distractions

Harald Welte has written about the distraction of phone calls and how it impacts engineering work [1]. He asks why people feel that they are entitled to interrupt him given the cost to his work. Some years ago while working as a programmer I was discussing such things with a colleague who worked for the […]


Cooling Phones

According to the bureau of meteorology today is 39C. But mad dogs and Ingressmen go out in the midday sun, so I took advantage of some spare time to capture a couple of portals. After that my phone battery was apparently at 46C and my phone refused to charge. It seems that in addition to […]


Promoting Enthusiasm

Rusty wrote an insightful post titled “What Can I Do To Help?” about reactions to new ideas [1]. He suggests that people make an effort to have a positive approach when someone talks about a new idea, it’s quite common for people to point out reasons why the new idea might not work out which […]


Android Multitasking

My new Samsung Galaxy S3 has support for “Multi Window Mode”, here is a video which shows how to use this, Multi Window Mode starts at about 2:30 [1]. A common complaint about Android is the lack of multitasking, which is partly true and only slightly alleviated by Multi Window Mode. Running Multiple Programs Traditionally […]


The Death of the Netbook

The Age has an interesting article about how Apple supposedly killed the Netbook [1]. It’s one of many articles with a similar spin on the news that the last two companies making Netbooks are going to cease production. The main point of these articles is that Apple decided that Netbooks were crap and killed the […]

Misc Computer

Links January 2013

AreWomenHuman has an interesting article about ViolentAcrez and the wide support for trolling (including by media corporations) [1]. Chrys Stevenson wrote an important article for the ABC about the fundamentalist Christians who are trying to take over the Australian education system [2]. Tavi Gevinson gave an interesting TED talk titled “A teen just trying to […]