SE Linux Status in Debian 2011-10

Debian/Unstable Development

deb wheezy selinux

The above APT sources.list line has my repository for SE Linux packages that have been uploaded to Unstable and which will eventually go to testing and then the Wheezy release (if they aren’t obsoleted first). I have created that repository for people who want to track SE Linux development […]

Links October 2011

Ron has written an interesting blog post about the US as a “lottery economy” [1]. Most people won’t win the lottery (literally or metaphorically) so they remain destined for poverty.

Tim Connors wrote an informative summary of the issues relating to traffic light timing and pedestrians/cyclists [2]. I have walked between Southgate and the Crown […]

Desktop Equivalent Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is available on all relatively modern smart phones. I’ve played with it on my Android phone but it hasn’t delivered the benefits that I hoped, there is a game where you can walk through a virtual maze which didn’t work for me, and a bunch of programs which show me the position of […]

Capabilities vs SE Linux

In December 2010 a paper was published by Robert N.M. Watson and Jonathan Anderson from the Cambridge University and Ben Laurie and Kris Kennaway of Google about the Capsicum capabilities system [1]. It seems that the aim of the project is to allow systems that need privileges briefly when they start (such as tcpdump) a […]

Dual SIM Phones vs Amaysim vs Contract for Mobile Phones

Currently Dick Smith is offering two dual-SIM mobile phones for sale in Australia. One is the LG T510 for $99, but it only supports GSM on each SIM. This might be a good phone for someone who needs to receive both work and personal calls and doesn’t want to carry two phones, but the lack […]

Donating old Hardware

On a recent visit to my local e-waste disposal place I noticed an open PC on the top of the pile with a pair of DIMMs that were begging to be removed. I also noticed three PCI Ethernet cards that were stacked in a manner that made them convenient to grab – possibly some nice […]

Stop HRL

Today I attended the Stop HRL demonstration [1]. The government plans to spend $100,000,000 of federal money and $50,000,000 of Victorian state money to build a new coal power station. The state government has imposed some unreasonable restrictions on renewable energy which includes allowing a single person who objects within 2Km of a wind […]


Lindsay Holmwood has written about the benefits of a standing desk and how to buy one [1]. The case for avoiding sitting is strong, but I couldn’t stand up all day.

One thing that’s been on my list of things to do if I had an unreasonably large amount of spare time or money is […]

Occupy Main Street

The Occupy Wall St blog has an informative summary of attempts to reclaim the American political process which has been pwned badly by financiers in recent times [1]. The basic concept is that people who represent the 99% of the population who aren’t super rich have protests in Wall St and now other business areas. […]

Dedicated vs Virtual Servers

A common question about hosting is whether to use a dedicated server or a virtual server.

Dedicated Servers

If you use a dedicated server then you will face the risk of problems which interrupt the boot process. It seems that all the affordable dedicated server offerings lack any good remote management, so when the server […]