Dr Suelette Dreyfus LCA Keynote

Dr Suelette Dreyfus gave an interesting LCA keynote speech on Monday (it’s online now for people who aren’t attending LCA [1]). One of the interesting points she made was regarding the greater support for privacy protection in Germany, this is apparently due to so many German citizens having read their own Stasi files.

The section […]

LCA 2012

LCA 2013 [1] is starting so it seems like time to finish my write-up of LCA 2012.

As usual it was a great conference, although I got sick immediately after getting there which reduced my ability to attend.


A major unofficial theme of the conference was Android. Most delegates seemed to have Android phones, […]

A Computer Conference on a Cruise Ship

After LCA [1] there was a discussion about possible locations for future conferences, most of the messages in the discussion were jokes or suggestions that don’t seriously apply to LCA. So I’ll add my suggestion for conferences other than LCA.

I’ve previously written generally about the issue of conferences at sea [2]. I don’t think […]

lifetime failures (LF)

This morning at LCA Andrew Tanenbaum gave a talk about Minix 3 and his work on creating reliable software.

He cited examples of consumer electronics devices such as TVs that supposedly don’t crash. However in the past I have power-cycled TVs after they didn’t behave as desired (not sure if it was a software crash […]

Some ideas for running a conference

Firstly for smooth running of the presentations it would be ideal if laptops were provided for displaying all presentations (obviously this wouldn’t work for live software demos but it would work well for the slide-show presentations). Such laptops need to be tested with the presentation files that will be used for the talks (or pre-release […]

LCA talk

This afternoon I gave a talk at the Debian mini-conf of LCA on security improvements that are needed in Debian, the notes are online here.

The talk didn’t go quite as well as I had desired, I ended up covering most of the material in about half the allotted time and I could tell that […]