Month: December 2009

I Bought the Bose QC-15

I bought the Bose QC15 noise canceling headphones for my trip back from the US. See my previous posts about Noise Canceling Headphones [1] and Testing Noise Canceling Headphones [2] for the details of my search. I first tried my new headphones in my hotel room and they worked really well at blocking the noise […]


Shared Objects and Big Applications

Some time ago I wrote a little utility named memlockd [1]. Memlockd will lock files into memory which allows significantly faster access when the system pages heavily, in my simulated tests I have found that having the programs and shared objects needed for logging in locked in memory can make it possible to login without […]

Misc Computer

Play Machine Online Again

I have returned from the US and my SE Linux Play Machine [1] is online again. It was unfortunate that I forgot to pack one of my Play machine shirts, I ended up attending a meeting of the SDForum [2] on the topic of Cloud Security (it was a joint meeting of the Cloud Services […]


Nagios and SSL in Debian

I was doing some work on NRPE (the Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) and I noticed bug report #547092 [1] which concerns the fact that the default configuration uses the same SSL certificate for all Debian servers and provides a patch to fix the problem. After building the patched package I followed the advice of the […]


Links December 2009

Dan Gilbert gave an insightful TED talk about our mistaken expectations of happiness [1]. Don Marti has an insightful post about net neutrality and public property [2]. When net access requires access to public property then it should be sold in a neutral manner. Rachel Pike gave an interesting TED talk about the scientific research […]


US Border Security

Making Light has a post about the Canadian sci-fi author Peter Watts who was beaten and jailed overnight without access to a lawyer by US border guards because he asked what they were doing [1]. Apparently one is supposed to cringe in fear whenever questioned by authority in the US, so much for “land of […]


Testing Noise Canceling Headphones

This evening I tested some Noise Canceling Headphones (as described in my previous post [1]). I first tried the ones on sale at Brookstone [2], they were the on the ear type so there was never a chance that I would buy them but they seemed like good ones to test. I wore them for […]


Noise Canceling Headphones

My patience with the noise of airlines has run out, on my trip from AU to US I didn’t get any sleep due to the cramped seat and the noise of the plane. While I can’t do anything about the cramped seat without spending a lot of money it seems that I can do something […]


The Transition to Ext4

I’ve been investigating the Ext4 filesystem [1]. The main factor that is driving me to Ext4 at the moment is fsck times. I have some systems running Ext3 on large filesystems which I need to extend. In most cases Ext3 filesystems have large numbers of Inodes free because the relationship between the number of Inodes […]