Month: April 2007

comment spam

The war on comment-spam has now begun. It appears that Blogger might have some anti-spam measures of which I was unaware. Otherwise it’s a strange coincidence that I get a huge number of comment spams for extremely hard-core porn from the Ukraine so soon after starting a WordPress blog. About 24 hours before the spam […]


new blog

I am starting to move my blog to my own WordPress server. Here is the new URL for my main blog (feed), and here is the new URL for my Source-Dump blog (feed) which is now named just “dump”. WordPress gives me the power to change all aspects of my blog’s operation (including adding plug-ins). […]


more on presentations

Here’s an amusing video about how not to do presentations. Related posts: common mistakes in presentations I attend many presentations and have seen many that had… presentations and background color In response to my last post about using laptops for… presentations about SE Linux I have just read the Presentation Zen blog post about…


paper about ZCAV

This paper by Rodney Van Meter about ZCAV (Zoned Constant Angular Velocity) in hard drives is very interesting. It predates my work by about four years and includes some interesting methods of collecting data that I never considered. One interesting thing is that apparently on some SCSI drives you can get the drive to tell […]

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moving this blog

I’m going to move this blog. The content is now at . The aim is to fix the problems documented here (among other things) by moving to a site that I control. Related posts: source dump blog Inspired by Julien Goodwin‘s post I created a new blog… lemonup and blog license I have just […]


MySQL security in Debian

Currently there is a problem with the MySQL default install in Debian/Etch (and probably other distributions too). It sets up “root” with dba access with no password by default, the following mysql command will give a list of all MySQL accounts with Grant_priv access (one of the capabilities that gives great access to the database […]


booting from USB for security

Sune Vuorela asks about how to secure important data such as GPG keys on laptops. I believe that the ideal solution involves booting from a USB device with an encrypted root filesystem to make subversion of the machine more difficult (note that physically subverting the machine is still possible – EG through monitoring the keyboard […]


free laptop

Jesus Climent writes about donating laptops. Free Thinkpad I have a Thinkpad 385xd laptop to give away for free. It has a PentiumMMX-233 CPU, 96M of RAM, a 3.2G IDE disk, and a 800×600 display. As of my last tests it works well and is currently running an old version of Debian. The power connector […]


first look at CentOS 5 Xen

I have just installed a machine running CentOS 5 as a Xen server. I installed a full GUI environment on the dom0 so that GUI tools can be used for managing the virtual servers. The first problem I had was selecting the “Installation source”, it’s described in the error message as an “Invalid PV media […]


lemonup and blog license

I have just updated my previous post about licenses and also explicitely licensed my blog. Previously I had used a Creative-Commons share-alike license for lecture notes to allow commercial use and had not specified what the license is for my blog apart from it being free for feeds (you may add it to a planet […]