Month: October 2007


Yesterday I received an unsigned notice in the mail from some residents of an area comprising my street and an adjacent one. They advised me that their children were going to do the Halloween thing and that if I wanted to be involved I should leave my porch light on. This is a really good […]


SecureCon 2007

I am running a tutorial and giving a talk about SE Linux at SecureCon 2007 [1]. The tutorial will go for 3 hours on Wednesday the 7th of November and will cover using SE Linux in CentOS 5 and Debian Etch, it will be a hands-on tutorial where every delegate gets ssh access to their […]


New SE Linux Play Machine Online

After over a year I have finally got a SE Linux Play Machine online again. The details for logging in are at this link [1]. I’ve created T-shirt and mug designs with the login details too, they are on LINK [2]. For fun wear such a shirt to a conference (or even when shopping […]


Xen and Security

I have previously posted about the difference between using a chroot and using SE Linux [1]. Theo de Raadt claims that virtualisation does not provide security benefits [2] based on the idea that the Xen hypervisor may have security related bugs. From my understanding of Xen a successful exploit of a Xen system with a […]

Security Virtualisation

Senator Online

I’ve been asked for my opinion of which claims to be Australia’s only internet-based political party. The claim may be correct depending on what you consider to be “Internet based“. Here is a copy of their platform from their web site: Senator On-Line is not aligned to any other political party‚Ķ it is neither […]


A Traditional Approach to an IT Career

I have just read Career Development for Geeks [1] by Erik de Castro Lopo [2]. It makes some interesting points about a traditional approach to an IT career. The path I followed for most of my career (after I had a few years experience) was to work as a contractor and happily leave jobs without […]


0wned a DVD Player

Above is a picture of a DVD player I saw on sale in Dick Smith Electronics [1] (a chain store that used to sell mostly electronics hobbyist gear but now mostly sells consumer electronics gear). I asked one of the staff why it said “root”, tests revealed that the DVD caused any player to display […]


Blog Ethics

Reporters Sans Frontiers (AKA RSF AKA Reporters Without Borders) has an interesting document about blogging [1]. They are specifically focussed on blogging as a way of reporting news. Their definition of a blog states that it is “a personal website” (there are many corporate blogs run by teams) and that it contains “mostly news” (most […]


Lentil as Anything

I just read an interesting post by Kylie Willison [1] which mentions the restaurant Lentil as Anything [2]. The restaurant chain is noteworthy for charging what people believe that the food is worth (poor people can eat for free). I think that there are cultural similarities with the Linux community, so we should have a […]


WordPress and Thumbnails

I have just had a lot of trouble with Thumbnails on one of my blogs. It turned out that I had to install the package php5-gd and restart Apache before thumbnails would even be generated. The package php5-gd (or php4-gd) is “suggested” by the Debian WordPress package and it’s not a dependency, so the result […]