Future Posts

This page describes my future plans for posting. If you have any suggestions for topics that you wish me to write about then please leave comments here.

  • SE Linux
  • General security issues
  • More Heartbeat posts, including an overview
  • More Xen posts, including an overview
  • A post summarising MySQL DBA tasks for a sys-admin who is not a database expert
  • A design for the servers for an ISP that has more than 1M customers (will submit it to Linux Journal as an article and just blog it if I can’t find a magazine to pay for it)
  • Collect some of my writing that has been published elsewhere and either copy it here or provide links to it
  • A post with general information on SCSI for a sys-admin who doesn’t want to learn all the details
  • More career advice
  • Car technology
  • Some simple financial advice based on maths. I often have to advise friends on issues related to calculating when the best time might be to try and buy a house or how long they can live off savings. I can’t give complete answers to such things in blog posts but I can write cgi-bin scripts that do the calculations which will then make decisions easier and more accurate (I hope).
  • SETUID/SETGID, how it works and how programs such as BASH deal with it
  • Fuel Cell and electrolysis efficiency for H2 power
  • Document my implementation of SRS as requested by http://peter.makholm.net/2007/08/29/srs/
  • SecureID tokens and other hardware based authentication methods
  • Analysis of the load average algorithm in Linux – does it really correspond to 1, 5, and 15 minutes?

9 thoughts on “Future Posts”

  1. My suggestion is:
    The quality of free software and how to improve it.

    That’s been on my mind for a while but I haven’t got around to writing a decent blog/essay about it.

  2. Well
    All of them are interesting topics but …

    I see General security is more about Se Linux,
    So my topics are

    – Se Linux
    – Heartbeat and Clusters
    – A post summarising MySQL DBA tasks for a sys-admin who is not a database expert
    – Collect some of your writing that has been published elsewhere
    – and the career advice

    PD What about Xen
    Unfortunately I see that there were an agreement between Xen and M$.
    Dont know how it could affect Xen in the future …



  3. Ted: Interesting idea. I’ll start with a lazyweb post and write an essay with inspiration from the results.

  4. Victor: I don’t think that the relationship between Xen and MS is a problem. In any case I’ll be blogging about the technical and practical issues related to it so any potential legal issues won’t be a topic for me.

    Do you think I should start a page with requests for other people to write essays?

  5. Hello!

    I’m a long time reader (mostly through Planet Debian), and I find your posts very interesting. :)

    Could you sometimes write about your typical work day?

    What do you do, do you work from home, do you often go to the clients?

    Does your typical day include communicating with the clients, or is it “just” “lonely” work behind the keyboard? Do you usually deal with physical hardware?

    What do you like the most in your work? Is it, for example, problem solving, or is it something else that drives you?

    Again, it would be very interesting to read more about your work! :)

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