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Future Posts

This page describes my future plans for posting. If you have any suggestions for topics that you wish me to write about then please leave comments here.

  • SE Linux
  • General security issues
  • More Heartbeat posts, including an overview
  • More Xen posts, including an overview
  • A post summarising MySQL DBA tasks for a sys-admin who is not a database expert
  • A design for the servers for an ISP that has more than 1M customers (will submit it to Linux Journal as an article and just blog it if I can’t find a magazine to pay for it)
  • Collect some of my writing that has been published elsewhere and either copy it here or provide links to it
  • A post with general information on SCSI for a sys-admin who doesn’t want to learn all the details
  • More career advice
  • Car technology
  • Some simple financial advice based on maths. I often have to advise friends on issues related to calculating when the best time might be to try and buy a house or how long they can live off savings. I can’t give complete answers to such things in blog posts but I can write cgi-bin scripts that do the calculations which will then make decisions easier and more accurate (I hope).
  • SETUID/SETGID, how it works and how programs such as BASH deal with it
  • Fuel Cell and electrolysis efficiency for H2 power
  • Document my implementation of SRS as requested by
  • SecureID tokens and other hardware based authentication methods
  • Analysis of the load average algorithm in Linux – does it really correspond to 1, 5, and 15 minutes?