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This page describes my future plans for posting. If you have any suggestions for topics that you wish me to write about then please leave comments here.

8 thoughts on “Future Posts”

  1. Ted says:

    My suggestion is:
    The quality of free software and how to improve it.

    That’s been on my mind for a while but I haven’t got around to writing a decent blog/essay about it.

  2. Well
    All of them are interesting topics but …

    I see General security is more about Se Linux,
    So my topics are

    – Se Linux
    – Heartbeat and Clusters
    – A post summarising MySQL DBA tasks for a sys-admin who is not a database expert
    – Collect some of your writing that has been published elsewhere
    – and the career advice

    PD What about Xen
    Unfortunately I see that there were an agreement between Xen and M$.
    Dont know how it could affect Xen in the future …



  3. etbe says:

    Ted: Interesting idea. I’ll start with a lazyweb post and write an essay with inspiration from the results.

  4. etbe says:

    Victor: I don’t think that the relationship between Xen and MS is a problem. In any case I’ll be blogging about the technical and practical issues related to it so any potential legal issues won’t be a topic for me.

    Do you think I should start a page with requests for other people to write essays?

  5. Just wanted to know your thoughts about it
    but know it is ok for me.

  6. Dave Hall says:

    You rumoured GPG passphrase brute forcer script :)

  7. Neal says:

    A comparison of SELinux style security with something like Plash (http://plash.beasts.org/) or Polaris (http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1151033).

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