CV for Conference Speeches

Conferences at which I have Spoken

I have spoken at the conferences OLS, Linux Kongress, Linux Conf Australia, Debconf, SAGE-AU, AUUG, AusCert, the Cambridge University computer security group, the SE Linux Symposium. I have also spoken at many computer users’ groups and corporate events.

Papers I have Presented

Here are the lecture notes and papers from some of my speeches:

  • SAGE 2006
    Poly-Instantiated Directories in both SE Linux and non-SE Linux environments
  • Linux World 2006 (Sydney) set of tutorials about SE Linux
  • AusCERT 2006 half day tutorial on SE Linux including the SE Linux “Play Machine” talk I first gave at the 2005 SE Linux Symposium
  • AUUG 2005 MCS and MLS in SE Linux (first paper on MCS, things changed after that)
  • OLS 2003 porting SE Linux to hand-held devices (the most cited of all my papers)
  • Linux Kongress 2002 SE Linux policy for secure chroot environments
  • OLS 2002 SE Linux on Debian

Public Speaking Experience

I have given presentations for audiences of up to 300 people, for durations of up to three hours in one session or six hours of presentations in one day. I am able to handle unplanned changes in schedules (EG a miscommunication that resulted in having my scheduled presentation time be one hour greater than expected) and in circumstances (EG when a wireless network problem forced me to cancel a hands-on demonstration and give an impromptu speech instead). I have given presentations, tutorials, and convened BOFs for conferences, I have run training sessions and product briefs for corporate customers, and talks for computer users’ groups.

On topics that I know well (such as SE Linux, Bonnie++, and Postal) I am prepared to give a talk with zero notice. If I’m at a meeting and the scheduled speaker doesn’t appear then I’m happy to step up to the lectern and give a talk. Of course I can give a more detailed talk if I have a chance to prepare.

Speaker Bio (for conference advertising)

Russell Coker is a Linux consultant who has extensive experience working on NSA Security Enhanced Linux, he initially developed the SE Linux support in Debian in 2001 and also worked for Red Hat when they were adding SE Linux support to Fedora and RHEL. He is also known for his work on the Bonnie++ and Postal benchmarks. Russell’s blog is at .

Unsolicited Offers

I am interested to receive unsolicited offers of speaking opportunities – as long as they are targetted. For an offer to not be considered as spam it has to demonstrate that it is targeted to me specifically and must reference previous work of mine, give specific reasons for me being a suitable speaker, and describe the public good that derives from the conference. The chance of me accepting a speaking offer outside Australia that is not fully funded is quite close to zero. Also I am happy to give paid talks at commercial conferences and in-house training.

Conferences I’ve Attended

In the LCA family of conferences I’ve attended CALU in 1999, LCA in 2001 Sydney, 2002 Brisbane, one of 2003 Perth and 2004 Adelaide, 2005 Canberra, 2006 Dunedin, 2007 Sydney, 2008 Melbourne, 2009 Hobart, 2010 Wellington, 2012 Ballarat, 2013 Canberra, 2014 Perth, 2015 Auckland, 2016 Geelong, 2017 Hobart, 2018 Sydney, and 2019 Christchurch.