If you would like to translate any posts from my blog to a language other than English then please feel free to do so. I demand that any translations correctly cite me as the author of the original English version and give a permanent link to the original post, but I don’t expect that this will cause any inconvenience.

I also request that anyone who translates one of my posts gives me permission to do whatever I wish with the translated text (I want to mirror all translations of my work on my own site). I am unsure of what legal rights I have to demand this and have not yet considered whether I have a moral right to demand it. But I believe that it is the nice thing for a translator to do and hope that everyone who translates one of my posts will do so.

Also I may grant permission for translations of my posts to appear on sites with Google advertising or other commercial use. I won’t rule out the possibility of assigning monopoly rights on commercial use of the translations of my posts to specific individuals or organisations.