Links April 2024

Ron Garret wrote an insightful refutation to 2nd amendment arguments [1].

Interesting article from the UK about British Gas losing a civil suit about bill collecting techniques that are harassment [2]. This should be a criminal offence investigated by the police and prosecuted by the CPS.

David Brin wrote a new version of his essay […]

Links March 2024

Bruce Schneier wrote an interesting blog post about his workshop on reimagining democracy and the unusual way he structured it [1]. It would be fun to have a security conference run like that!

Matthias write an informative blog post about Wayland “Wayland really breaks thingsā€¦ Just for now” which links to a blog debate about […]

Links February 2024

In 2018 Charles Stross wrote an insightful blog post Dude You Broke the Future [1]. It covers AI in both fiction and fact and corporations (the real AIs) and the horrifying things they can do right now.

LongNow has an interesting article about the concept of the Magnum Opus [2]. As an aside I’ve been […]

Links January 2024

Long Now has an insightful article about domestication that considers whether humans have evolved to want to control nature [1].

The OMG Elite hacker cable is an interesting device [2]. A Wifi device in a USB cable to allow remote control and monitoring of data transfer, including remote keyboard control and sniffing. Pity that USB-C […]

Links December 2023

David Brin wrote an insightful blog post about the latest round of UFO delusion [1]. There aren’t a heap of scientists secretly working on UFOs.

David Brin wrote an informative and insightful blog post about rich doomsday preppers who want to destroy democracy [2].

Cory Doctorow wrote an interesting article about how ChatGPT helps people […]

Links November 2023

The Long Now has an insightful article about air quality [1].

Every country needs food labelling laws like Mexico has [2]. Also we need to abolish the investor state tribunals, companies should just accept local laws and obey them – or be treated in the same way as pirates on the high seas.

Ian Jackson […]

Links October 2023

The Daily Kos has an interesting article about a new more effective method of desalination [1].

Here is a video of a crazy guy zapping things with 100 car batteries [2]. This is sonmething you should avoid if you want to die of natural causes. Does dying while making a science video count for a […]

Links September 2023

Interesting article in Wired about adversarial attacks on ML systems to get them to do things that they are explicitely programmed not to do such as describe how to make illegal drugs [1]. The most interesting part of this is that the attacks work on most GPT systems which is probably due to the similar […]

Links August 2023

This is an interesting idea from Bruce Schneier, an “AI Dividend” paid to every person for their contributions to the input of ML systems [1]. We can’t determine who’s input was most used so sharing the money equally seems fair. It could end up as yet another justification for a Universal Basic Income.

The Long […]

Links July 2023 has an interesting article about finding evidence for nanohertz gravity waves [1]. 1nano-Herz is a wavelength of 31.7 light years!

Wired has an interesting story about OpenAI saying that no further advances will be made with larger training models [2].

Bruce Schneier and Nathan Sanders wrote an insightful article about the need for government […]