Month: June 2011

Links June 2011

TED has published a list of resources for suicide prevention and to help survivors and their families [1]. Psychology Today has an interesting article by Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D about the recent US Supreme Court decision denying female employees of Walmart the ability to file a class action lawsuit about their poor pay and working […]


Pool Parties

Periodically Free Software people from other countries visit Melbourne on business trips. Usually when someone is sent any distance on a business trip (IE to Australia from anywhere other than NZ) they will stay in a good hotel (4 star or better), this generally means that they have a pool in their hotel. 5 star […]


Parsing Daemontools/Multilog dates in Shell Script

I run some servers that use the DJB Daemontools to manage their daemons [1]. This is something I would have changed years ago if given a chance because DJB software always seems to do things in a different way to other Unix software and causes pain. Unfortunately when you have a lot of semi-embedded systems […]


Evil Psychologists

Last year the Psychologist and Baptist minister George Rekers who is famous for anti-homosexuality pseudo-science was discovered to be hiring gay escorts from Lots of LULZ there. But the story didn’t end there. It turns out that George Rekers did some research on a child who ended up committing suicide as an adult, and […]


Rallying for a Carbon Tax 5th June

It’s not that common to have a rally in favor of creating a new tax, but today I attended the Melbourne rally in favor of a “carbon tax” [1], it was the second such event this year. The rally was held in front of the state library, there is a reasonable size park there and […]


Leaving Three

In February I started the process of moving my phone and my wife’s phone to Virgin from Three [1]. The reason is that Three didn’t offer any good phones on affordable contracts, the cheapest that was suitable was a HTC Desire HD which would have cost me $55 per month, while I could justify spending […]

Misc Computer

Ziggy’s Lecture about Nuclear Power

The Event I just attended a lecture by Dr Ziggy Switkowski (see the above picture) on the topic of nuclear power, for a long time Ziggy has been the most prominent advocate of nuclear power in Australia, so naturally the talk was pro-nuclear. The lecture was free for alumni of Swinburne University and introduced by […]