Links December 2008

A teacher in Arizona steals Linux CDs from a student and then accuses a Linux distributor of being a criminal [1]. Even though she had used Linux in the past she didn’t believe that software was free. Of course that implies that in the past she had performed actions that she believed were criminal.

Neat […]

Per-process Namespaces – pam-namespace

Mike writes about his work in using namespaces on Linux [1]. In 2006 I presented a paper titled “Polyinstantiation of directories in an SE Linux system” about this at the SAGE-AU conference [2].

Newer versions of the code in question has been included in Debian/Lenny. So if you want to use namespaces for a login […]

Christmas Toys for Children

It’s almost Christmas and time to buy scientific toys for children. Here are some random ideas, of course it’s probably too late for the online stores to deliver – but there’s always next year.

The MikroKopter is a kit helicopter based on four propellors (two rotating in each direction) and is capable of semi-autonomous flight […]

Please Turn off Your Spam Protection

Hi, I’d like to send an email from a small domain that you’ve never heard of or from a big ISP that’s known for being slack about spam (*), I can’t send the mail to you because of your anti-spam measures. I think that this is unfair, it’s discrimination, and you are cutting off your […]

Toy Helicopter

I have just bought myself a toy helicopter. I had been tempted to buy one for a while and when I saw them on sale for $30 I couldn’t resist.

My helicopter is model FJ-702 from Flyor, it is controlled by infra-red and is designed for indoor use only. It seems that the trick […]

More about Australian Internet Censorship

As the Australian government wants to show how well they understand technology, they have started a blog about the “Digital Economy” [1]. So far they have hundreds of comments, most of which just tell them that their censorship ideas are wrong.

In what may be related news, Barack Obama has announced details of some of […]

New version of Bonnie++ and Violin Memory

I have just released version 1.03e of my Bonnie++ benchmark [1]. The only change is support for direct IO in Bonnie++ (via the -D command-line parameter). The patch for this was written by Dave Murch of Violin Memory [2]. Violin specialise in 2RU storage servers based on DRAM and/or Flash storage. One of their products […]

Gmail and Anti-Spam

I have just received an email with a question about SE Linux that was re-sent due to the first attempt being blocked by my anti-spam measures. I use the DNSBL services to stop some of the spam that is sent to me.

The purpose of is to list systems that are run by […]