Month: March 2008

Debian SE Linux Status

At the moment I’ve got more time to work on these things than I have had for a while. I’ve got Etch support going quite well (see my post about my Etch repository [1]), the next step is to back-port some packages for AMD64 to get it working as well as i386. I’ve got an […]


The Inevitability of Victory

I just read an interesting blog post about Montenegro [1]. Apparently a key to the process of becoming a country was acting like it was inevitable. It seems that this method can be applied to many areas, one of which is the contest between Linux and some proprietary OSs. For many years monopolists have convinced […]


Barack Obama wants a National CTO

I am just watching US Senator Barack Obama speaking at Google about his bid to become the next US president [1]. He has announced plans for allowing greater citizen oversight of the government including having all government data in open file formats (a great idea – the Australian Bureau of Statistics has a large amount […]


Unusual Ways of Helping the Environment

Unusual Things to Help the Environment Have a party! Keeping a house at a comfortable temperature on days of extreme temperature takes a moderate amount of energy. If instead of having three houses that each contained two people you had one house with six people and two houses with the heater or air-conditioner turned off […]


Not Visiting the US

I won’t be visiting the US in the forseeable future. For some time I have been concerned about the malfunctioning legal process and other related issues that arose from the so-called “War On Terror“. But the most recent news is that the TSA may just copy all the contents of your laptop or even steal […]


Links March 2008

Dan Bernstein wrote an interesting paper about the security of Qmail [1]. Of particular interest to me are the sections about things that might do differently if he was to do it again and the mentions of language features for security. Bruce Schneier has some interesting comments about this [2]. Interesting paper by Jessica Walpaw […]