Month: April 2012

The Royal Caribbean Official Android app

I’ve just played with the official Android app [1] for the Royal Carribean cruise line [2]. The cruise line is apparently great (I’ve never been on one of their ships but the reviews are good) but the Android app isn’t. Net Access The most obvious and significant problem with this app is that it’s entirely […]


Nando’s Voucher Interpretation

Every year my parents buy a book of vouchers for various businesses in Victoria. It’s one of those deals where businesses (mostly restaurants) pay for advertising space to have their tear-off vouchers in the book (which typically allow a discount of between $5 and $30) and the customers buy the book for something like $40 […]


BTRFS and ZFS as Layering Violations

LWN has an interesting article comparing recent developments in the Linux world to the “Unix Wars” that essentially killed every proprietary Unix system [1]. The article is really interesting and I recommend reading it, it’s probably only available to subscribers at the moment but should be generally available in a week or so (I used […]

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Links April 2012

Karen Tse gave an interesting TED talk about how to stop police torture as an investigative tool [1]. Mostly it’s about training and empowering public defenders. Phil Plait gave an interesting TED talk about how to defend the Earth from asteroids [2]. Julian Baggini wrote an interesting article for the Financial Times about the persecution […]


Neighborhood Watch

While writing my previous post I heard a huge noise at the front of my house. I found one man being restrained in a seated position on the ground at my front door, the man who was holding him down was accusing him of theft and asking me to call the police, and a woman […]


Autism as an Excuse

A Polish geek going by the handle of mmemuar has recently written a blog post claiming that people use Autism as an excuse for bad behavior [1]. He gets enough things wrong in one short post to make it worth debunking it. It seems that Google’s translation of Polish isn’t as good as some other […]


The Most Important things for running a Reliable Internet Service

One of my clients is currently investigating new hosting arrangements. It’s a bit of a complex process because there are lots of architectural issues relating to things such as the storage and backup of some terabytes of data and some serious computation on the data. Among other options we are considering cheap servers in the […]

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ZFS vs BTRFS on Cheap Dell Servers

I previously wrote about my first experiences with BTRFS [1]. Since then I’ve been using BTRFS on more systems and have had good results. The main problem I want to address is with the reliability of RAID [2]. Requirements for a File Server Now one of my clients has a need for a new fileserver. […]

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Guest/Link Post Spam

I’ve been getting a lot of spam recently from people wanting to write guest posts or have their site included in a future links post. Guest Posts For guest posts the social convention for the planets which aggregate my blog seems to be that random guest posts are unacceptable. I could change my blog feed […]


Flash Storage Update

Last month I wrote about using USB flash storage devices for my firewall and Squid proxy [1]. 4 days ago it failed, the USB device used for the root filesystem stopped accepting write requests. The USB device which is used for /var/spool/squid is still going well after almost 5 months of intensive use while the […]