Month: April 2011

Autism Awareness and the Free Software Community

It’s Autism Awareness Month April is Autism Awareness month, there are lots of articles about Autism, most of them are at best misleading if not wrong. The most common error seems to be describing non-verbal Autistic children and then claiming that Autistic people comprise about 1% of the population. The number of non-verbal Autistic children […]


What is Valid SE Linux Policy?

Guido Trentalancia started an interesting discussion on the SE Linux policy development list about how to manage the evolution of the policy [1]. The Problem The SE Linux policy is the set of rules that determine what access is granted. It assigns types to files and domains to processes and has a set of rules […]


Australia Needs it’s own Monarch

Tomorrow Prince William will marry Kate Middleton. If we don’t change anything he will probably become the King of Australia at some future time, so I think that now is the time to start discussing the options. Walter Block makes some interesting points in favor of longer terms for politicians and for having a monarch […]


Links April 2011

Sebastian Thrun gave an interesting TED talk about the Google driverless car project and explains how his main aim is to avoid all the needless road deaths that are due to human error [1]. Finally a good use for the Google street-view type data! AnnMarie Thomas gave an interesting short TED talk about using play-dough […]


Virgin Refunds Me $200

Virgin Mobile Excessive Billing In my previous post about the Xperia X10 I mentioned being billed excessively for bandwidth use [1]. On Friday when I phoned Virgin I was repeatedly told that there was nothing that could be done about the bill. I demanded to be transferred to someone with authority to change my bill, […]


More about the Xperia X10

I’ve now had a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for almost two months (here is a link for my first review) [1]. This is a phone that people seem to really dislike because the battery life is poor and Sony doesn’t allow replacing the kernel. I’m happy with mine, happy enough that after buying one for […]


Who is the Best Free Software Advocate?

TED is offering an audition for future talks in New York on the 24th of May [1]. It would be good if we could have someone advocate Free Software there. The audition is a 1 minute talk, the speakers who pass the audition may be offered full ~17 minute lecture slots at the next […]