last beard post

On Tuesday the 23rd of January I shaved off my beard after spending 107 days growing it, see above for the final beard pic. It was an interesting experiment and it’s something that I recommend trying, but I couldn’t keep it.

Having a beard is more effort than being clean-shaven. Eating is more difficult […]

what defines a well operating planet?

At OSDC Mary Gardiner gave a talk titled The Planet Feed Reader: Better Living Through Gravity. During the course of the presentation she expressed the opinion that short dialog based blog entries are a sign of a well running planet.

Certainly if blog posts respond to each other then there is a community interaction, […]

economics of a computer store (why they don’t stock what you want)

In some mailing list discussions recently some people demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the economics of a shop. Having run a shop for a few years (an Internet Cafe) I have some practical knowledge of this. I will focus on small businesses in this article, but the same economic principles apply to large […]

a good security design for an office

One issue that is rarely considered is how to deal with office break-ins for the purpose of espionage. I believe that this issue has been solved reasonably well for military systems, but many of the military solutions do not apply well to civilian systems – particularly the use of scary dudes with guns. Also […]

Sell a Band has an interesting business model. If you want to make money from your band you can sign up to their site and create a web site with some sample tracks. Then wait for 5,000 believers to each pay $10 for a share which grants the band a recording contract. The $10 gets them […]

religious requirements for free software development

Relgions commonly require contributions to charitable causes and helping other people. Developing free software without expecting a reward seems to fit that criteria.

If my primary religious belief (atheism) turns out to be incorrect then I am certain that whatever deity might exist would want me to do Free Software development.

It seems to […]

god on my side

Today I saw the movie God On My Side by Andrew Denton. It’s an interesting movie about the televangelist industry in the US. I expected it to be about the shonky frauds who harm people, there was one scene in the start of a televangelist claiming to cure diabeties (a very dangerous claim that […]

planets and day 19 of the beard

I notice that Planet Linux Australia has been changed to not list the feeds URLs, instead it displays the HTML pages for the blogs.

I believe this is a bad idea as some people want to get a list of feeds for the blogs that are aggregated without having to visit all the blog […]

blogging and self-promotion

Are blogs and conference speeches inherently about self promotion? If so is that a bad thing?

Recently I mentioned my Planet configuration on a mailing list where most people don’t track new technology. Some people viewed blog entries for the first time as a result of this and then claimed that blogs appeared to […]

new hybrid Camry

Toyota in the US has released a hybrid Camry which seems to be the larger Prius that many people have wanted. Since it’s release the Prius has been greatly desired by people who like technology and the environment. The only down-side to the Prius is that it is a small car and doesn’t have […]