Hardware I Need

If you live in Victoria, Australia and have some hardware like the following that you don’t need then I would appreciate a gift:

USB Mice and keyboards.

PC-6400 and faster RAM. DDR3 RAM preferred.

A name-brand desktop system with a 64bit CPU similar to a Q8400 that supports 8G of RAM. I know this seems unlikely, but I’ve got some nice quad-core systems from rubbish pile recently.

ATI PCIe video card, preferably one that does HDMI, DisplayPort, or DVI, also preferably one that doesn’t have a fan – I know that no fan means less performance and I’m cool with that.

PCIe Ethernet cards, preferably dual port.

Any laptop with working screen and 64bit CPU.

Any old stuff that’s likely to be useful to someone and which is relatively small and light for the LUV Hardware Library.