Links January 2012

Cops in Tennessee routinely steal cash from citizens [1]. They are ordered to do so and in some cases their salary is paid from the cash that they take. So they have a good reason to imagine that any large sum of money is drug money and take it.

David Frum wrote an insightful article […]

SE Linux Status in Debian 2012-01

Since my last SE Linux in Debian status report [1] there have been some significant changes.


Last year I reported that the policy wasn’t very usable, on the 18th of January I uploaded version 2:2.20110726-2 of the policy packages that fixes many bugs. The policy should now be usable by most people for desktop […]

My First Cruise

A few weeks ago I went on my first cruise, from Sydney to Melbourne on the Dawn Princess. (a discount cruise/resort web site) has a review of the Dawn Princess [1], they give it 4 stars out of a possible 6. The 6 star ships seem to have discount rates in excess of $500 […]

DRBD Benchmarking

I’ve got some performance problems with a mail server that’s using DRBD so I’ve done some benchmark tests to try and improve things. I used Postal for testing delivery to an LMTP server [1]. The version of Postal I released a few days ago had a bug that made LMTP not work, I’ll release a […]

Autism and a Child Beauty Contest

Fenella Wagener wrote an article for the Herald Sun about an Autistic girl who won the “best personality” award from the controversial new Australian children’s beauty pageant [1]. The girl’s mother is complaining that an Autistic girl shouldn’t win a prize for personality and is critizing the pageant organisers.

A beauty contest involves queuing, being […]

Standardising Android

Don Marti wrote an amusing post about the lack of standards for Android phones and the fact that the iPhone has a better accessory market as a result [1].

I’d like to see some Android phones get standardised in a similar manner to the PC. The big thing about the IBM PC compatible market was […]