religious requirements for free software development

Relgions commonly require contributions to charitable causes and helping other people. Developing free software without expecting a reward seems to fit that criteria.

If my primary religious belief (atheism) turns out to be incorrect then I am certain that whatever deity might exist would want me to do Free Software development.

It seems to […]

Xen and serial ports

Currently there is a serious problem with Xen. Fedora Core 5 with kernel 2.6.18-1.2200.fc5xen and Debian/unstable with kernel 2.6.18-1-xen-686 will not recognise both PC serial ports, and it appears that the one port that is recognised is only usable for a console not for a modem.

The Fedora bugzilla #204825 covers this and I have […]

god on my side

Today I saw the movie God On My Side by Andrew Denton. It’s an interesting movie about the televangelist industry in the US. I expected it to be about the shonky frauds who harm people, there was one scene in the start of a televangelist claiming to cure diabeties (a very dangerous claim that […]

planets and day 19 of the beard

I notice that Planet Linux Australia has been changed to not list the feeds URLs, instead it displays the HTML pages for the blogs.

I believe this is a bad idea as some people want to get a list of feeds for the blogs that are aggregated without having to visit all the blog […]

peak oil

This PDF (700K) gives a useful summary of the Peak Oil issues. It’s on the Defence in the National Interest (DNI) web site, an interesting site of US conservative political information. Note that this is Conservative, not Neo-Con.

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blogging and self-promotion

Are blogs and conference speeches inherently about self promotion? If so is that a bad thing?

Recently I mentioned my Planet configuration on a mailing list where most people don’t track new technology. Some people viewed blog entries for the first time as a result of this and then claimed that blogs appeared to […]

economics of nuclear power

It’s interesting to note in this press release from the Australian Greens that Dr Ziggy Switkowski (head of the Prime Minister’s nuclear taskforce) that nuclear power is not economically viable in Australia without a carbon tax. As the government has refused to consider such a carbon tax this seems to rule out nuclear power for […]

new hybrid Camry

Toyota in the US has released a hybrid Camry which seems to be the larger Prius that many people have wanted. Since it’s release the Prius has been greatly desired by people who like technology and the environment. The only down-side to the Prius is that it is a small car and doesn’t have […]

blogs and bug tracking

I believe that adding blogging technology to bug tracking systems (such as the Debian BTS and the Red Hat Bugzilla) offers significant benefits for users and developers.

It seems that there is only one significant difference between the features offered by blog software and the features required by bug trackers, blog entries are owned by […]

more about MX records

In response to my previous post someone pointed out that MX records have an obvious benefit of offering multiple servers at different priority levels.

I don’t believe that this is a benefit for many machines on the modern Internet. Most systems that have secondary MX records implement them poorly, they have less SPAM checks […]