Month: May 2007

Another Heartbeat 2.0 STONITH example configuration

In a Heartbeat cluster installation it may not be possible to have one STONITH device be used to reboot all nodes. To support this it is possible to have multiple STONITH devices configured that will each be used to reboot different nodes in the cluster. In the following code section there is an example of […]


Heartbeat version 2.0 CIB STONITH example configuration

Below is a sample script to configure the ssh STONITH agent for the Heartbeat system. STONITH will reboot nodes when things go wrong to restore the integrity of the cluster. The STONITH test program supports the -n option to list parameters and the -l option to list nodes. The following is an example of using […]


paypal – are they trustworthy now?

Having read I am concerned about the safety of my money if I was to chose to do business with them. However there are many ways of making money by using them. Does Paypal still suck? If so are there any other better options? The recommended by seems to only cater for […]


New Blogs

After reading advice from ProBlogger I have become convinced that I should create separate blogs for some of the content that is currently on my blog. The first such blog that I will create will be about computer security. Naturally it will cover SE Linux to some degree, but the exact focus is something I […]


SE Linux shirts for sale!

Faye and I have created Cafepress stores selling shirts and other things with SE Linux logos, here are the two designs: Play Machine SE Linux MLS There are shirts, coffee mugs, mouse-mats, and other things. The designs feature a graphical representation of MLS security and a variety of text about SE Linux. There are also […]


SE Linux in Debian

I have now got a Debian Xen domU running the strict SE Linux policy that can boot in enforcing mode. I expect that tomorrow I will have it working with full functionality and that I will be able to run another SE Linux Play Machine in the near future. After getting the strict policy working […]


PC prices drop again!

A few weeks ago Dell advertised new laptops for $849AU, this was a significant development but I didn’t get around to blogging about it. Now I have just discovered that they have a special deal for $799AU for a laptop including delivery! This is an amazing deal and gives you an AMD Sempron 3500 CPU […]


I must be famous ;)

I have been “name dropped“. ;) It seems that I even beat Keith Owens (*) who works in the same office, but maybe Dave hasn’t met him yet… (*) I can name drop too! Related posts: phone spam Recently I had someone call my mobile phone asking whether…


Lord of the Flies

Apparently they are planning a reality TV show that might be named “Kids Nation” where 40 children are allowed to develop their own society for 40 days. The claims are that there is “no parental supervision”, but of course with many TV cameras watching I’m sure that even the most stupid children can work out […]


Planet feed polling frequency

From reading my web stats yesterday it seems that one Planet has polled by blog feed 1693 times over the first 14.25 days of this month. This is about 5 polls per hour. Another Planet has polled my blog 994 times for an average of about 3 hits per hour. How frequently does it make […]