Month: January 2007

ssh tunneling of email

On a Debian mailing list someone claimed that it was inconvenient to use ssh tunneling for sending and receiving email due to the issue of broken connections. On my source-dump blog I have posted an entry with xinetd configuration for doing this in a reliable manner. Related posts: source dump blog Inspired by Julien Goodwin‘s […]


how to run dynamic ssh tunnels

service smtps { disable = no socket_type = stream wait = no user = USER server = /usr/bin/ssh server_args = USER@HOST -C /home/USER/bin/localsmtp bind = } service pop2 { disable = no socket_type = stream wait = no user = USER server = /usr/bin/ssh server_args = USER@HOST -C /home/USER/bin/localpop bind = } I […]


presentation laptops

I suggested in a previous blog entry that conferences should provide computers that speakers can use for their presentations. The reason for this is that getting one computer working with the beamer in each room is an easy task, while getting the laptop of every speaker to work is much more difficult. It seems that […]

university degrees

Recently someone asked me for advice on what they can do to improve their career without getting a degree. I have performed a quick poll of some people I know and found that for experienced people there seems to be little need for a degree. People who have extensive experience but no degree report no […]


licence for lecture notes

While attending LCA it occurred to me that the lecture notes from all the talks that I have given lack a copyright notice. So I now retrospectively license my lecture notes in the manner that probably matches what everyone was already doing. The Creative Commons web site has a form to allow you to easily […]


new release of postal

Today I have released a significant new version of my mail server benchmark Postal! The list of changes is below: Added new program bhm to listen on port 25 and send mail to /dev/null. This allows testing mail relay systems. Fixed a minor bug in reporting when compiled without SSL. Made postal write the date […]

Benchmark Mta Postal

political compass

It appears that some people don’t understand what right-wing means in terms of politics, apart from using it as a general term of abuse. I recommend visiting the site to see your own political beliefs (as determined by a short questionnaire) graphed against some famous people. The unique aspect of the Political Compass is […]

lifetime failures (LF)

This morning at LCA Andrew Tanenbaum gave a talk about Minix 3 and his work on creating reliable software. He cited examples of consumer electronics devices such as TVs that supposedly don’t crash. However in the past I have power-cycled TVs after they didn’t behave as desired (not sure if it was a software crash […]


Some ideas for running a conference

Firstly for smooth running of the presentations it would be ideal if laptops were provided for displaying all presentations (obviously this wouldn’t work for live software demos but it would work well for the slide-show presentations). Such laptops need to be tested with the presentation files that will be used for the talks (or pre-release […]


LCA talk

This afternoon I gave a talk at the Debian mini-conf of LCA on security improvements that are needed in Debian, the notes are online here. The talk didn’t go quite as well as I had desired, I ended up covering most of the material in about half the allotted time and I could tell that […]