Supersize Me

I recently watched the movie Super Size Me. Due to working some strange hours I’ve been eating more fast-food than usual recently and had experienced some of the symptoms that were featured in that movie.

So now I have decided to improve my diet. From now on I will go hungry rather than eating from […]

more on vision

I had a few comments on my last so I decided to write a new post about it.

Firstly in regard to Elspeth’s comment. I agree that children should wear glasses if necessary. That part of my entry was not clear, I was trying to make the point that I can understand children not wanting […]


At the start of the year I suffered a minor injury to my left eye. This brought my vision down to slightly below average for my age. A doctor and an ophthalmologist both thought that my vision was good enough at this level and that I don’t need glasses. But the ability to use a […]