Supersize Me

I recently watched the movie Super Size Me. Due to working some strange hours I’ve been eating more fast-food than usual recently and had experienced some of the symptoms that were featured in that movie.

So now I have decided to improve my diet. From now on I will go hungry rather than eating from McDonalds, KFC, and other bad food except in the rare situation that it’s free (recently they had a free pizza day for my 9-5 contract). Recently I have often been having chicken rolls or stir-fried noodles for lunch (one of those two every working day), now I’m going to only have those meals rarely and have Japanese food most days (Japanese food that is half-decent is much healthier than most restaurant food). I will only drink Coke when I’m tired and I’m working on something that’s not exciting enough to keep me awake without help.

Super Size Me also made reference to the academic results of children improving when their diet was improved. Based on this evidence it seems obvious to me that coding ability will also be partly dependent on diet. I expect that many people who read my blog have already proved that they can write good code while living on the worst food, but maybe they could write great code if they had better food!

From now on I will not take part in any LUG meeting that involves fast food. I think that for the good of the community we need to discourage people from actions that would impair their coding ability.

Before anyone asks, I don’t plan to cease drinking alcohol. Although in recent times I have been drinking such small amounts that it’s unlikely to cause any health problems.

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  • I often think that it would be great if there was ethical and nutritious fast food. It would be of great use to me if there was some sort of Fair Trade McDonald’s.

    When I used to study in the city, I would often buy a can of Organic chick peas for fast meal usage.

    Most brands I purchased had a quick release style lid. Eating a can of chick peas can be fast, nutritious, and less environmentally demanding than eating a steak.

    In terms of flavour flavour raw chick peas are inoffensive, this is because as you probably allready know chickpeas are a major component of hummus, and I think they are what gives it such a distinctive flavour.

    In general flavour has previously been an obstacle to me making nutritious and ethical food choices, but I am currently unsure if taste receptors have any evolutionary value.

    On the one hand purchasing from a Super Markets is not very ethical because with every purchase you make you are financially contributing to many different industry’s which may or may not pay their workers a fair price, or treat animals humanely.

    Probably part of issue which leads to exploitation of third world people, and the environment is related to the profit making mechanisms of Franchises, however I insist that it must be theoretically possible to have a Fair Trade fast food out let.

    Maybe such a franchise would become viable if everything cost ten times more, than at a real McDonalds.

    Sorry for writing random comments on your blog previously. I asked about modal memory in drunk fish because I am really interested in neurobiology.

    Here is my blog
    I am not sure if anyone would find it very interesting, I am only adding it for extra transparency on my behalf.