Aquatic Apes

In a previous post I referenced Elaine Morgan’s Aquatic Ape theory [1].

Simon Waters pointed out that the site which exists to analyse all the evidence about such issues [2]. Based on that I am convinced that the Aquatic Ape theory has little merit.

My mistake was to put too much faith in the […]

Water Dogs – Good for Uplift?

Update: I am now convinced that the Aquatic Ape theory is wrong [0]. So much of this post is irrelevant. But I still believe that we should be uplifting animals.

Elaine Morgan gave an interesting TED talk about human evolution and the theory that our ancestors lived in the water [1]. The aquatic ape theory […]

Moth in my Celery

Above is a picture of a moth that I found in a packet of shrink wrapped celery from Foodworks (a Melbourne chain of grocery stores).

I took several pictures from different angles, but I found that an almost direct photo captured it best, you can see the reflection of the flash covering part of […]

Fried Food

I’ve just been reading about oil deterioration when deep frying [1]. Apparently frying food can cause the production of Acrylamide [2] which causes cancer, is a neurotoxin, and does other bad things to your body. Deep frying in a vacuum [3] is a solution to this problem as the lower temperatures reduce the formation of […]

A Worse Visual Migraine

Last night I had a Visual Migraine that was significantly worse than the previous ones. It started in the usual manner (flickering lights in my central vision and an inability to read text on a computer screen in a font that is normally quite readable) but then developed a new feature. Grey clouds appeared in […]

right-side visual migraine

This afternoon I had another visual migraine. It was a little different from the previous ones in that it had more significant visual affects and in that it affected the right side of my vision. My central vision was OK, the left side was quite good, but the right side was mostly occluded by bright […]

Save Babe

There’s an advertising campaign at the moment opposing cruel treatment of pigs, the web site is at . They have rented advertising space at train stations to publish the URL.

One thing that they don’t mention is the health issues related to factory farming. It makes sense to concentrate on one message at a […]

another visual migraine

Late this afternoon I had a visual migraine while driving. I was driving west and the glare from the sun was making it difficult to see so I didn’t realise that I was having a migraine until I stopped. When I finished my journey and went inside a reasonably dark room I started seeing flashes […]

another visual migraine

This morning while travelling to work by tram I had another visual migraine. It was a little worse than last time, not only did everything I focussed on appear to shimmer, but things went a bit grey at my peripheral vision. I had a headache as well although it was very mild (not the typical […]

working all night

Last night I worked until 5AM on a magazine article. Upon review the later stages of my work weren’t of my usual quality level, and today I did nothing significant because I was too tired (fortunately it’s a Saturday).

I’m now going to cease all really late-night work except when supporting 24*7 production systems for […]