costs of driving to work

Mark Greenaway expresses surprise that someone could spend $8000 per annum on petol.

I own a 1999 VW Passat 2.8L that does 12.8L/100Km (based on my average driving habits – I record the amount of petrol purchased and the distance driven). I spend an average of just over $60 a month on petrol, so I’m […]

praying for rain

Paul Dwerryhouse posted a comment about the Prime Minister asking people to pray for rain. I don’t think that Johnny is suggesting this because he’s overly religious (compare his actions with the New Testament of the Bible). The fact is that the Australian government has no plans to deal with global warming, the inefficient distribution […]

Save Babe

There’s an advertising campaign at the moment opposing cruel treatment of pigs, the web site is at . They have rented advertising space at train stations to publish the URL.

One thing that they don’t mention is the health issues related to factory farming. It makes sense to concentrate on one message at a […]

power saving

Adrian von Bidder made an interesting post in response to my post about Spanish wind power. He correctly points out that power sources that have seasonal variations and which may vary during the course of a day can not be used as the sole power source.

The ideal design would be to have wind power […]

Spanish wind power

The latest news is that Spain has wind power as it’s main source of electricity. The second largest source is nuclear and the third is coal. This is due to some particularly windy weather recently, but Spain is also a world leader in both manufacture and installation of wind power systems.

Other countries should follow […]

fluorescent lights and why it’s worth saving resources

A common criticism of fluorescent lights is the inability to use dimmers, as mentioned in Julien Goodwin’s blog.

However with some thought at the time the lights are installed this problem can be solved. The first thing to keep in mind is that an infinite number of levels of illumination (analogue scale) is not really […]

worse than fossil fuel?

I just read an interesting blog post from December 2005 about the environmental impact of bio-fuels. It makes some really good points that should be studied by everyone who is interested in protecting the environment.

However this doesn’t mean that bio-fuels are inherently bad, just that some methods of production are bad.

The blog claims […]

things to do for the environment

I got the idea for this from Ben Hutchings. A. Copy the list below to your own journal and

Bold the actions you are already taking Underline the actions you plan to start taking Italicize the actions that don’t apply to you

B. Add one (or more) suggested action(s) of your own

C. Leave a […]


Recently there has been some really hot weather in Melbourne that made me search for alternate methods of cooling.

The first and easiest method I discovered is to keep a 2L bottle of water in my car. After it’s been parked in the sun on a hot day I pour the water over the windows. […]

hybrid Lexus is best luxury car

The Lexus GS 450 hybrid petrol/electric car has been given the award for Australia’s best luxury car!

The judging for this contest rated fuel efficiency as low importance, because luxury car owners traditionally aren’t very concerned about such things. The Lexus won because of it’s quiet engine (can’t beat an electric motor at low speed), […]