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Getting Work in Another Country

Often there are possibilities to earn more money or gain valuable experience by working in another country. I learned (and earned) a lot while working in London and Amsterdam and recommend travelling if you get the opportunity. There are two ways of getting work in another country. One way is to work for a multi-national […]


Praising Children vs Praising Programmers

In a comment on my blog post titled Childhood, Don Marti refers to an earlier blog post he wrote which refers to a New York Magazine article about the effects of praising children. The article does in some depth to describe scientific research into the issue of praising children for being “smart” vs praising them […]

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Planet Linux Jobs Victoria

As part of my ongoing plan to make things easier for Linux job applicants and advertisers I have created a Planet for Linux Jobs in Victoria, Australia. The LUV President had suggested that I make a proposal to the LUV committee about this. I have offered them ownership of the Victorian aspects of this idea […]

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Fragmenting Information about Jobs

A comment on my previous post about my Linux Jobs Blog suggested that I shouldn’t fragment the information. However I believe that fragmenting the information is ideal due to the ability of RSS syndication to drive the cost of coalescing the information to almost zero! Currently there is a Linux job web site run by […]

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Linux Job Ads

It seems to me that we need to have syndicated feeds for Linux job adverts. To start this I have created a new blog for Linux job adverts, it will have categories for the states and territories of Australia (with a feed for each category) and I will also create Planet installations that take feeds […]

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submissions for LCA and other conferences

In this post I recommended that job seekers not publish their CV. In a comment Gunnar suggested having a special CV for conferences. I think that Gunnar’s idea is good and have started writing my conference CV at When I complete it I will make it part of every submission for speaking at a […]

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career risks

Paul Graham makes some interesting observations about taking risks to achieve career benefits. One thing he doesn’t mention is that the risks have to match your life situation. If you are 21, living with your parents, and single (typical for a CS graduate) then you should take the riskiest options in terms of your career […]


university degrees

Recently someone asked me for advice on what they can do to improve their career without getting a degree. I have performed a quick poll of some people I know and found that for experienced people there seems to be little need for a degree. People who have extensive experience but no degree report no […]


some advice for job seekers

A member of the free software community recently sent me their CV and asked for assistance in getting a job. Some of my suggestions are globally applicable so I’m blogging them. Firstly I recommend that a job seeker doesn’t publish their CV on the net in an obvious place. Often you want to give different […]