Linux Job Ads

It seems to me that we need to have syndicated feeds for Linux job adverts. To start this I have created a new blog for Linux job adverts, it will have categories for the states and territories of Australia (with a feed for each category) and I will also create Planet installations that take feeds from the blog as well as any other Linux jobs RSS feeds. I will create the Planet installations when I have feeds to add.

If your company regularly advertises Linux jobs in Australia then please create an RSS feed of the adverts and I will syndicate it. If your company occasionally advertises Linux jobs then you can email them to me.

As of this moment there are no positions advertised, but I hope that to change soon.

3 comments to Linux Job Ads

  • Have you considered also having a “work wanted” feed?

    btw the new theme is an improvement over the old one.

  • I think you’d be better off working with Linux Australia to have the existing job site provide an RSS feed, rather than fragmenting such information.

  • etbe

    Dave, good idea, but one thing at a time.

    Andrew, I made a suggestion to some Linux Australia people and they didn’t seem interested enough to reply to my mail.