Mac vs PC

For a few months I have been spending a lot of time using a Mac running OS/X for 40 hours a week. Recently a discussion started at a client site as to whether Macs or PCs should be used for future desktop machines.

The Apple hardware is very slick, everything fits together nicely and works […]

reviewing blog comments and links

It seems that the site is mirroring all my blog posts. The site seems to be doing some good things in terms of spreading information about free software and has a good presentation that makes such information easy to read. Also having a backup of my blog posts also could be handy if blogger […]

cheap big TFT monitor

I just received the latest Dell advert, they are offering a 22 inch monitor with 1680×1050 resolution for $499 including delivery! This is a great deal, I’ve got the same model of monitor at home (I paid $750 for it almost six months ago) and have been totally satisfied. The same monitor with a $499 […]

Geek Social Fallacies

At this URL I found a mirror of the Geek Social Fallacies, as they seem difficult to find I decided to mirror them on my blog. Someone please let me know if there is an authoritative source I can point to instead.

Five Geek Social Fallacies (Dec 2, 2003)

Within the constellation of allied […] – malware?

When looking through my Webalizer stats recently I noticed that * is transferring about four times as much data from my domain than * This wouldn’t concern me if I saw some people being referred to my site from, however I see almost none, while is responsible for referring about half the traffic […]

tour of the Gigabyte motherboard factory

This article has some really interesting pictures of the Gigabyte motherboard and video card factory. Check it out!

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buy free software developers dinner

In response to my post about buying dinner for developers (as an alternative to “professional networking sessions”) Kris notes that his company has been doing it for years. He goes a little further than I did in my post and advocates buying dinner for developers as a way of thanking them for their work.

I […]

right-side visual migraine

This afternoon I had another visual migraine. It was a little different from the previous ones in that it had more significant visual affects and in that it affected the right side of my vision. My central vision was OK, the left side was quite good, but the right side was mostly occluded by bright […]