A Strange Interpretation of the US Constitution About Copyright

In a blog on infoworld the following strange statement appeared:

The US Constitution is clear that the reason for copyright/patent/etc. is to benefit creators of property, not users of property. I appreciate the reason: give creators a reasonable return on their investment. Actually the US constitution seems to clearly say the opposite. Here is a […]

BSD vs GPL licences

James Dumay writes about Theo’s latest flame-war.

One interesting part of the debate was Theo’s response to this comment: > We can dual license our code though and that is an > acceptable license for Linux, the kernel. Theo: We? Sure, you can. But Reyk will not dual license his code, and most of the […]

New Debian release and new DPL

Ingo Juergensmann has blogged in detail about the new release and the new DPL.

Sam Hocevar ran for DPL on a platform based on some significant new changes. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next year.

The release of Etch is an exciting milestone in Debian development. Among other things it […]

blogger sucks!

If I enter “a < b” in blogger then it works, but if I want the < symbol to be next to some other text (EG for a #include line in C source) then it treats it as a HTML tag. The HTML code for a < symbol also doesn’t work. This doesn’t work regardless […]

heartbeat – what defines a cluster?

In Debian bug 418210 there is discussion of what constitutes a cluster.

I believe that the node configuration lines in the config file /etc/ha.d/ should authoritatively define what is in the cluster and any broadcast packets from other nodes should be ignored.

Currently if you have two clusters sharing the same VLAN and they both […]

SE Linux – not too difficult for new users

At Jan-Frode Myklebust has documented his work in creating new SE Linux policy to run Googleearth on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. He discussed this with us on #selinux in (the main SE Linux IRC channel).

One of his later IRC comments was: <janfrode> btw erich, the reason for creating this googleearth module […]


This morning after having had my car parked in the sun for a couple of hours I poured water on the rear window to cool it (as described in this post). When I did so the mist that rose up from the window spiraled up in a way that was similar to a cyclone (but […]

wikisky is like google maps but looking up! It’s cool, check it out!

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Linux Tour Bus

I have seen buses used for tours that contain bunk beds. If one or more such buses were hired then a group of Linux people could go on a moving Linux conference. This would have to take place in an area with many reasonable size cities in a close area and where there is a […]

The Inevitability of Failure

The below document was reproduced from the NSA web site with permission. I have moved three footnotes to comments within the document (footnotes don’t work well in HTML) and also converted the HTTP references to links.

The Inevitability of Failure: The Flawed Assumption of Security in Modern Computing Environments

Peter A. Loscocco, Stephen D. […]