Month: March 2007


You might expect that a vaccine against a disease that causes cancer would be widely embraced as soon as it was proven safe. If the disease in question was transmitted by contaminated food or water, sneezing, or most of the other ways that diseases spread then it probably would be widely accepted. However recently there […]


the word “beamer”

Martin F. Krafft blogs about looking for advice on buying a “beamer“. He describes the word as meaning a projector in Germany (it also means the same in the Netherlands). Since the time when I lived in the Netherlands I have been using the word in English, most people immediately understand what it means, and […]


meeting people at Linux conferences

One thing that has always surprised me is how few people talk to speakers after they have finished their lecture. A lecture might have many questions and the questions may be cut off, but when the speaker leaves the room they will usually do so alone. When I give lectures at conferences I’m always happy […]


spare tires

The following letter was published in the RACV Magazine. The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria is a driver advocacy organization that provides roadside assistance and insurance. The fact that they published my letter means that the idea can’t be totally wacky so I’ll blog it. ;) There have been many mentions recently in RoyalAuto about […]


Mercedes S class and car safety

The S Class Mercedes has some really interesting safety features, see this 6.8M PDF file for details. If you are interested in technology then you want to read it just to learn about all the cool features – it’s got more technology than a Prius! The S class includes the following features to protect the […]