Month: August 2009

Ffmpeg and Video on a Viewty Phone

I recently decided to copy some of my FLV (Flash Video) collection to my LGU990 Viewty mobile phone [1]. I was inspired by the ffmpeg cheat sheet [2]. deb lenny selinux-mm Firstly I installed the version of ffmpeg that comes from the Debian-Multimedia repository [3]. Then I spent about an hour getting it to […]

Misc Computer

Links August 2009

IQ as a Social Multiplier – Michael of Accellerating Future summarises some research into the effect of increasing IQ [1]. It seems to me that increasing the health of children and giving them adequate education is the best thing that can be done for developing countries. When smart children become smart adults they can fix […]


Aquatic Apes

In a previous post I referenced Elaine Morgan’s Aquatic Ape theory [1]. Simon Waters pointed out that the site which exists to analyse all the evidence about such issues [2]. Based on that I am convinced that the Aquatic Ape theory has little merit. My mistake was to put too much faith in the […]


Water Dogs – Good for Uplift?

Update: I am now convinced that the Aquatic Ape theory is wrong [0]. So much of this post is irrelevant. But I still believe that we should be uplifting animals. Elaine Morgan gave an interesting TED talk about human evolution and the theory that our ancestors lived in the water [1]. The aquatic ape theory […]


How to Choose a NetBook

I’ve previously written some suggestions for people choosing a portable computer [1]. Basically it’s about how to start by choosing the correct type of portable computer – if you don’t know whether you want a NetBook or a Laptop then you are really lost. Now there are a range of NetBook type devices which vary […]

Misc Computer

Botnets and Political Censorship has an interesting article about Cyxymu the first digital refugee [1]. DDOS attacks against LiveJournal and Twitter have been forcing him to use other services to spread his message. Botnets (large groups of computers running “trojan horse” software that are under the control of a single hostile party) [2] have been around for a […]


Help A Reporter Out

I recently discovered the Help A Reporter Out [1] service. Subscribers receive three messages every business day each of which contains about 40 queries from journalists. People who subscribe can contact the journalist to provide information or offer an interview. Any journalist can send in a query. Peter Shankman runs this, it seems that it […]