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Can you run SE Linux on a Xen Guest?

I was asked “Can you run SELinux on a XEN guest without any problem?“. In a generic sense the answer is of course YES, Xen allows you to run Linux kernels with all the usual range of features and SE Linux isn’t a particularly difficult feature to enable. I do most of my SE Linux […]


Can SE Linux Implement Traditional Unix Users and Groups?

I was asked by email whether SE Linux could implement traditional Unix users and groups. The Strictly Literal Answer to that Question The core of the SE Linux access control is the domain-type model where every process has a domain and every object that a process can access (including other processes) has a type. Domains […]


Logging in as Root

Martin Meredith wrote a blog post about logging in as root and the people who so strongly advocate against it [1]. The question is whether you should ssh directly to the root account on a remote server or whether you should ssh to a non-root account and use sudo or su to gain administrative privileges. […]


UBAC and SE Linux in Debian

A recent development in SE Linux policy is the concept of UBAC (User Based Access Control) which prevents SE Linux users (identitied) from accessing each other’s files. SE Linux user identities may map 1:1 to Unix users (as was required in the early versions of SE Linux), you might have unique identities for special users […]


Google Chrome and SE Linux

[107108.433300] chrome[12262]: segfault at bbadbeef ip 0000000000fbea18 sp 00007fffcf348100 error 6 in chrome[400000+27ad000] When I first tried running the Google Chrome web browser [1] on SE Linux it recursively displayed the error message in the above picture, it first displayed the error and then displayed another error while trying to display a web page to […]


systemd – a Replacement for init etc

The systemd projecct is an interesting concept for replacing init and related code [1]. There have been a few attempts to replace the old init system, upstart is getting some market share in Linux distributions and Solaris has made some interesting changes too. But systemd is more radical and offers more benefits. While it’s nice […]


Upgrading a SE Linux system to Debian/Testing (Squeeze)

Upgrade Requirements Debian/Squeeze (the next release of Debian) will be released some time later this year. Many people are already upgrading test servers, and development systems and workstations that are used to develop code that will be deployed next year. Also there are some significant new features in Squeeze that compel some people to upgrade […]


Xen and Debian/Squeeze

Ben Hutchings announced that the Debian kernel team are now building Xen flavoured kernels for Debian/Unstable [1]. Thanks to Max Attems and the rest of the kernel team for this and all their other great work! Thanks Ben for announcing it. The same release included OpenVZ, updated DRM, and the kernel mode part of Nouveau […]


Play Machine Online Again

I have returned from the US and my SE Linux Play Machine [1] is online again. It was unfortunate that I forgot to pack one of my Play machine shirts, I ended up attending a meeting of the SDForum [2] on the topic of Cloud Security (it was a joint meeting of the Cloud Services […]


Play Machine Offline for 2 Weeks

I’m about to leave for San Francisco, so my SE Linux Play Machine is turned off and will remain off until after I return. Related posts: Lenny Play Machine Online As Debian/Lenny has been released and the temperatures in my… Play Machine Update My Play Machine [1] was offline for most of the… Trust and […]