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New Play Machine

Update: Thanks to Sven Joachim and Andrew Pollock for informing me about /etc/init.d/mountoverflowtmp which exists to mount a tmpfs named overflow if /tmp is full at boot time. It appears that the system was not compromised. But regular reinstalls are always a good thing. On the 24th of August this year I noticed the following […]


The Lack of Browser Security

For a long time the use of HTTP cookies [1] for tracking the web browsing habits of users has been well known. But I am not aware of any good solution to the problem. A large part of the problem is the needless use of cookies, it seems that many blog servers use cookies even […]


Why you should maintain old URLs

Below is a message from the thanks file on my SE Linux play machine [1]: Hello from San Juan, Puerto Rico! I just found out about this server by reading the SELinux book from O’Reilly. The book is pretty old (2004) and I’m glad to know the URL provided on the book still works! All […]


Amusing Thanks.txt Entry

My SE Linux Play Machine [1] has a file named thanks.txt for users to send messages to me [2]. On a number of occasions people have offered to give me things in exchange for the password for the bofh account (the one with sysadm_r privileges). I’ve been offered stolen credit cards, a ponzi scheme of […]


Case Sensitivity and Published Passwords

When I first started running a SE Linux Play Machine [1] I used passwords such as “123456“. Then for a while I had “selinux” but when I created a T-shirt design (see the main Play Machine page for details) I changed the password to “SELINUX” because that is easier to read on a shirt. Unfortunately […]


SE Linux Lenny Status Update

I previously described four levels of SE Linux support on the desktop [1]. Last night I updated my APT repository of SE Linux packages for Lenny (as described on my document about installing SE Linux [2]). I included a new policy package that supports logging in to a graphical session via gdm in either unconfined_t […]


Lenny Play Machine Online

As Debian/Lenny has been released and the temperatures in my part of the world are no longer insanely hot I have put my SE Linux Play Machine [1] online again. It is running Debian/Lenny and is a Xen DomU on a Debian/Lenny Dom0. To get this working I had to make a few more fixes […]


It’s too Hot in Melbourne

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast temperatures of 43, 43, and 35 for today and the next two days. Those temperatures are in celcius. Yesterday was also above 40C so my entire house is hot. As my airconditioner is not overly large (a smaller unit is more efficient) the back part of my house will […]



On Tuesday afternoon I gave a talk on behalf of KaiGai Kohei about SE Linux and the LAPP (Linux Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP/Perl) stack. KaiGai has blogged about this [1], unfortunately Google Translation does a poor job of Japanese and has particular problems with KaiGai’s work (could anyone who knows Japanese and English well please submit […]


Status of SE Linux in Debian LCA 2009

This morning I gave a talk at the Security mini-conf of LCA about the status of SE Linux in Debian. Here is a summary of the issues I covered: General Status In Lenny (the new release of Debian that will come out in a month or two) SE Linux is working well. Considerably better than […]

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