Victoria Hotel Melbourne

I have just stayed at the Victoria Hotel Melbourne. I booked it through and paid ~$110 per night instead of the list price of $186 per night.

The location is great (little Collins St near Swanston St). It’s a short walk from most things that are in the central city area and the nearest […]

Weather in Melbourne

Some people have been asking about the weather in Melbourne in late-January in terms of what to wear for Linux.Conf.Au.

It is probably impossible to predict weather for a particular day this far ahead. But predicting a range for the week is not difficult.

I think that you should expect at least one day that […]

Oaks on Market

A few days ago I stayed in an apartment at the Oaks on Market [1] hotel which I booked through The WotIf price was $159 per night – the list price was $376 per night. It was possible to get extra beds for $30 each per night if you wanted to get more people […]

Some LCA Melbourne Advice

At the end of the month we are having (one of the best Linux conferences in the world) in Melbourne. Here is some quick advice for people who are attending:

If you have not yet booked a hotel then is a good option to try, it’s a hotel booking web site that is […]

submissions for LCA and other conferences

In this post I recommended that job seekers not publish their CV. In a comment Gunnar suggested having a special CV for conferences. I think that Gunnar’s idea is good and have started writing my conference CV at When I complete it I will make it part of every submission for speaking at a […]

what is a BOF?

BOF stands for Birds Of a Feather, it’s an informal session run at a conference usually without any formal approval by the people who run the conference.

Often conferences have a white-board, wiki, or other place where conference delegates can leave notes for any reason. It is used for many purposes including arranging BOFs. To […]

meeting people at Linux conferences

One thing that has always surprised me is how few people talk to speakers after they have finished their lecture. A lecture might have many questions and the questions may be cut off, but when the speaker leaves the room they will usually do so alone.

When I give lectures at conferences I’m always happy […]

lifetime failures (LF)

This morning at LCA Andrew Tanenbaum gave a talk about Minix 3 and his work on creating reliable software.

He cited examples of consumer electronics devices such as TVs that supposedly don’t crash. However in the past I have power-cycled TVs after they didn’t behave as desired (not sure if it was a software crash […]

Some ideas for running a conference

Firstly for smooth running of the presentations it would be ideal if laptops were provided for displaying all presentations (obviously this wouldn’t work for live software demos but it would work well for the slide-show presentations). Such laptops need to be tested with the presentation files that will be used for the talks (or pre-release […]

LCA talk

This afternoon I gave a talk at the Debian mini-conf of LCA on security improvements that are needed in Debian, the notes are online here.

The talk didn’t go quite as well as I had desired, I ended up covering most of the material in about half the allotted time and I could tell that […]