Weather in Melbourne

Some people have been asking about the weather in Melbourne in late-January in terms of what to wear for Linux.Conf.Au.

It is probably impossible to predict weather for a particular day this far ahead. But predicting a range for the week is not difficult.

I think that you should expect at least one day that is really hot with a peak of 37C or more and reasonable humidity with a possibility of another two days the same or similar. A day with a peak of 42C or more is not unlikely over the course of a week.

You should expect a range of temperatures, one or two days that are reasonably cool with a maximum of 25C would not be unexpected. Some heavy rain in short bursts is a possibility (based on the past few weeks – prior to that there was little rain and it’s possible that there may be some time without rain again), there is probably no need for a rain-coat if you have the option of waiting ~30 mins for the rain to pass before going outside. I expect that if there is any rain at a time when conference delegates are about to go out somewhere then things will be delayed.

I suggest that you wear jeans while on the plane but expect to wear shorts for your entire time in Australia. A t-shirt is a reasonable option but if you plan to be outside much then wear a long-sleeved shirt. As I don’t expect to be doing much work in traditional offices in the near future I’m wearing business shirts when I go outside, long sleeves with a collar is good for protecting against sun-burn and as they are light they keep me cool (t-shirts are tighter and thicker and keep you hot). However when at LCA I will be wearing t-shirts that I designed (which should be well suited to being inside and I don’t plan to do much outside during that week).

A Scott e Vest [1] is a good thing to wear. It has heaps of pockets for your electronic gear, is reasonably light, and can be worn on top of a t-shirt. The Scott company also sells a TEC shirt which is a long-sleeved shirt with plenty of pockets. I’ve had a Scott e Vest for a number of years and I might have to get myself a TEC shirt.

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  • Actually, for anyone catching a long-haul flight, I’d recommend wearing something a good deal more comfortable than jeans on the plane. Loose-fitting slacks are much better, and won’t be as hot if you happen to disembark in Melbourne on a 40 degree day…

  • etbe

    Paul: I’ve always found jeans to be quite comfortable. But I guess that you could substitute jeans for any type of trousers that you find comfortable and which is moderately warm (it can be cold on a plane).

    As for disembarking on a 40C day. On previous occasions I’ve got clothes from my checked luggage and changed in an airport toilet…

  • wally smith

    my son is getting married on aust day jan26 we are getting visitors from all around the world and would like to know what they can expect thank you wally smith

  • craig

    also, the Aust. Govt. Bureau of Meteorology web site is a good way to keep track of the weather forecast.

    the Melbourne forecast page is at:

    (and the forecasts are reasonable accurate)

  • etbe

    craig: Thanks for the link. However that doesn’t do much good for people who plan to stay for any longer than the bare minimum required to attend the conference. BOM forecasts don’t go far enough ahead.