Oaks on Market

A few days ago I stayed in an apartment at the Oaks on Market [1] hotel which I booked through The WotIf price was $159 per night – the list price was $376 per night. It was possible to get extra beds for $30 each per night if you wanted to get more people in the room.

All rooms are of the Suite / Apartment [2] style. The room was a basic (twin or queen) room, it was quite large and well equipped. The TV in the room was quite large and TFT, it had a range of inputs which seemed to include everything other than VGA and DVI (if I was running a hotel every TV would have VGA or DVI input for laptops).

All the basic kitchen facilities were there, including a microwave oven, a stove, and a toaster. There was even dish-washing liquid!

The hotel pool (indoor and heated) is 25M long and 1.2M deep, there is a spa and a sauna. The pool isn’t cleaned as well as it might be, there was a band-aid stuck on a wall and sand and other stuff on the floor of the pool (including a hair elastic with a rusty clip – it had apparently been in the pool long enough to rust).

The hotel is a short tram ride from the LCA venue, walking to LCA would be possible too (I walked further than that when at Dunedin). I can’t claim that this hotel is better than others, but it would do. Having a pool is a good thing, I recommend that all delegates bring their bathers for pool parties – the weather will probably demand such things.

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