Party for U18s at LCA 2009

This year at Linux.Conf.Au there was a student party sponsored by Google. The party was held in a bar and lots of free drinks were provided. This was fine for the university students, but for school kids it was obviously lacking. Some people point out that it’s “quite legal” to run a party that excludes […]

Security Blogging Contest

It seems that my blogging contest idea is a failure. Could the interested people please meet me near the LCA registration desk at the start of the lunch breakh today for a post-mortem. Any last-minute entries can be submitted by telling me the URL then. Related posts: LCA 2008 Security Blogging Contest I have decided […]

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Suse and LCA

I previously wrote about how I gave a talk about SE Linux at a conference spot when a talk about AppArmor was scheduled. It turned out that the Suse people had notified the LCA people some time in advance about the fact that John would not be attending the conference. The LCA people had removed […] Security

My LCA Talk

Last year at LCA Crispin Cowan suggested to me that I make a joint offer of a combined tutorial on SE Linux and AppArmor as a way of publicly comparing the two technologies. I ended up not accepting the challenge, among other things I had a long-term project going in production in early December that […] Security

Talking Fast

My previous post about my LCA mini-conf talk received an interesting comment from Christopher Neugebauer. He said that he had some trouble understanding me because I speak quickly, he wasn’t the first person to make that complaint (it’s the most common complaint I receive). If a talk goes well then I have a lot to […] Speech

Change of Rules for the Blogging Contest

Due to the lack of entries so far I am amending the rules. It is no longer required that an entry be on the blog of the person who submitted it. Being on any blog that is aggregated by the conference Planet will do. This is known as a “guest post“. All it requires is […]

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LCA 2008 Security Miniconf

Today I gave a talk about Debian security at the security mini-conf of LCA. Before I started the talk I asked for suggestions as to how to get more entries in my security blogging contest [0]. During the talk I asked for suggestions as to how to get more people involved in security development. One […]

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Other Planet LCA 2008

The Planet installation for the Linux.Conf.Au (the main Linux conference in Australia and one of the biggest and best Linux conferences in the world) is designed to only syndicate posts about the conference. I think that this is a bad idea, people who attend the conference actually see things and don’t have a great need […]


Organic Food in Melbourne

Yesterday when walking down Flinders St I noticed that a new store has opened up selling organic food. It’s Flinders Organics and the address is 260 Flinders St Melbourne VIC 3000 (just across the road from Flinders St Station, not far from the Swanston St intersection). I bought some fruit, some Green and Black organic […]

LCA 2008 Security Blogging Contest

I have decided to run a contest for security related blog posts that appear on Planet Linux Conf Au [1]. That Planet is for people who are attending Linux Conf Au [2], and the prize (or prizes) will be given out at the conference. The aim will be posts on the topic of computer security […]

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