Suse and LCA

I previously wrote about how I gave a talk about SE Linux at a conference spot when a talk about AppArmor was scheduled. It turned out that the Suse people had notified the LCA people some time in advance about the fact that John would not be attending the conference. The LCA people had removed the entries from their databases and when the conference schedule was printed it had no reference to such a talk.

The problem occurred when another tutorial (which had occupied the slot that was previously assigned to John) was moved to a different part of the schedule. For some reason the CMS that they use did not leave the slot in question empty but instead restored earlier contents (which was the Suse tutorial). No-one at LCA noticed this error and from that time on the web page generated by the CMS was used as the authoritative source of information about the issue by delegates and most of the LCA team.

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