Organic Food in Melbourne

Yesterday when walking down Flinders St I noticed that a new store has opened up selling organic food. It’s Flinders Organics and the address is 260 Flinders St Melbourne VIC 3000 (just across the road from Flinders St Station, not far from the Swanston St intersection). I bought some fruit, some Green and Black organic hot-chocolate powder (recently I’ve been making hot chocolate with Green and Black dark chocolate – the milk needs to be heated a lot and some stirring is needed – it is easier with powder) and some fruit juice. The fruit juice was good, one litre for about $4.50 which is significantly cheaper than any of the juice-bars which offer freshly squeezed juice (but not organic). Being sold in a bottle that can be re-sealed meant that I could carry it around the city and drink some whenever I was thirsty.

People who are attending LCA might want to keep this in mind, both for food that they want to prepare themselves (EG making sandwiches in their hotel room) and for take-away stuff such as bottled juice. The location is almost within walking distance of the conference.

2 comments to Organic Food in Melbourne

  • Walking distance ?!?!?! :-)

    Fortunately the trams are dead easy from Melbourne Uni to Flinders Street!

  • etbe

    You can easily walk there from Melbourne Uni, but you can’t walk there and back in a reasonable amount of time (so you can’t walk there during a lunch break).