Other Planet LCA 2008

The Planet installation for the Linux.Conf.Au (the main Linux conference in Australia and one of the biggest and best Linux conferences in the world) is designed to only syndicate posts about the conference. I think that this is a bad idea, people who attend the conference actually see things and don’t have a great need to read blog posts about the conference. I believe that the benefit in having a Planet installation related to a conference is to allow delegates to easily read the blogs of other delegates. Then they can track down the bloggers if they want to discuss the blogs, or add them to their favourite feed reader so continue reading after the conference.

So I created my own Planet for it [1]. I started the installation with a feed from the official Planet LCA 2008 [2], then added the full feeds for people who appear to only have a partial feed aggregated on the official Planet. I also added Bruce Schneier’s Cryptogram [3] blog (Bruce is the opening keynote speaker for the conference).

If you have a partial feed of your blog syndicated on Planet LCA 2008 then please let me know so I can syndicate your blog’s full feed.

Atom feed of my Planet [4].
RSS 2.0 feed of my Planet [5].

3 comments to Other Planet LCA 2008

  • I whole-heartedly agree — I read Planet Debian (amongst others) since it does contain posts that aren’t strictly about Debian, yours being a prime example of one of the good ones.

  • One more thing, I tend to read RSS feeds of planets (as opposed to the HTML pages), is there an RSS/atom feed available for your planet (I don’t see one on the site)?



  • etbe

    I’ve added the RSS feed URLs.

    I’ve been considering creating some similar Planet installations for other situations where people create such limited Planets. Hopefully the meme will spread.