New SE Linux Play Machine Online

After over a year I have finally got a SE Linux Play Machine online again.

The details for logging in are at this link [1]. I’ve created T-shirt and mug designs with the login details too, they are on LINK [2]. For fun wear such a shirt to a conference (or even when shopping at your local electronics store. ;)

2 comments to New SE Linux Play Machine Online

  • A

    Awesome; thanks!

    A few questions not covered in the FAQ:

    I assume you don’t care that root can spy on other terminals currently owned by root?

    How about providing GCC so people can do sneaky things with it without having to copy over their own?

    The FAQ still says “This is not a virtual machine.”; I assume from uname mentioning Xen that this actually lives in a DomU?

  • etbe

    A: root:user_r:user_t can spy on other sessions owned by root:user_r:user_t, but can’t spy on sessions owned by bofh:sysadm_r:sysadm_t (which is also UID 0). No matter what you do, when two people login with the same access they can spy on each other’s sessions in some way.

    I could easily provide the option of different security contexts for root logins which would not be able to share data.

    I have installed GCC and G++, is there anything else you would like?

    It’s a DomU. I’ve updated the FAQ. The relevant issue is that it’s running a real Linux installation not a simulation.